Review: Rhum Clément

Rhum Clément, something completely different from whisky. Another adventure for my taste-buds in the world or Rhum.

On their website they mention the following; Since 1887, the production of Rhum Clément has been carried out according to the purest traditions and most time-honoured inherited from Homère and Charles Clément. Homère Clément, physician and mayor of Le François, purchased the prestigious 43 hectare sugar plantation, Domaine de L’Acajou, and pioneered Rhum Agricole, a contemporary style of pure rum made directly from fresh free-run sugarcane juice, instead of the traditional rum made from molasses.

That sounds interesting enough! Rum or should I say Rhum, we go!

I could’t joint the tweet tasting due circumstances on 24th September last year, nevertheless, I enjoyed the rum even on my own. But it would be better when there were fellow tasters to enjoy it with!  The big question that came up was; is it Rum or Rhum?

In short; Rhum is an abbreviation of the term rhum agricole, this type of rum can only come from Martinique, Caribbean Sea and Rum is a term for all styles of rum. As you can see there is a difference. I had Rum before, but never Rhum and for what I’ve heard, Rhum is the next trend in the world of beverages.

Canne Bleue 2017 – 50%

  • Color: White
  • Nose: Sweet, very fruity with hints of grapefruit, citrus, mandarin, peaches, medicinal notes, wet rainy leafs covered with sprinkles of salt, mint, peppers with a soft bite
  • Taste: Fruity, red fruit, strawberries, mandarin, sliced green apples, pears, wet raisins soaked in caramel, coconut-water, sugar-juice, cherries with an edge of saltiness
  • Finish: Lovely

Jon One 125th Anniversary – 40%

  • Color: Sunflower gold
  • Nose: Coconut, burned toast, warm caramel, dried red apples, peaches, hints of tropical breeze, banana, slices of mango mixed with kiwi juice and a complexity of different kind of red fruit, forest fruit and overripe cherries
  • Taste: Very fruity, red fruit, pink lady apples, raisins, kiwi, licorice, coconut-water with drops of raspberry jelly and crushed almonds covered with custard and chopped banana
  • Finish: Sweet

Vieux Select Barrel – 40%

  • Color: Light copper
  • Nose: Caramelized walnuts, complexity of Pepsi, grassy notes, oily, dried fruits, vanilla, sugar corn, spicy with a light sweetness, hazelnuts and nice woody notes
  • Taste: Toffee, sliced pineapple, flower-honey, salty touch, crushed hazelnuts combined with wet grass, salty complexity and vanilla flavors
  • Finish: Long and pleasant

L’Elixer X.O. – 42%

  • Color: Warm copper
  • Nose: A lot of green apple, fresh grapes, dried apricots, peach an overload of red fruit like raspberry and cherry, hints of mint, a complexity of lemon, lime and old school licorice
  • Taste: Cinnamon, hints of orange- , lemon peel, cherries, dried apples, banana, walnuts, and ginger marmalade, spearmint and hints of burned wood from a coupe of days back
  • Finish: Warm, sweet and complicated

I’m not that type of person that likes to mix rum with other beverages, so all the above, It was just pure love in a glass.

If you like to know more about this range and what others were thinking, go to twitter and read about ClementTT. And when you have the interest of knowing more about rum and such, just go to The Foatingrumshack.



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