Review: MackMyra Svensk Rök Whisky

Swedish whisky hits me at the right spot again. I’ve got a weakness for Scandinavia, there was no way I would dislike the whisky. At the contrary, I love it. Even Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoke) has a particular smell and palate that keeps you calm at all times.

The whisky reminds me of yoga, silence for 1.5 hours and just enjoying the moment and the positions. Listening to a calm voice and letting it all in. Similar with this whisky is my experience, very smooth

MackMyra Svensk Rök 46.1 % is the only smoky single malt whisky made on Swedish ingredients only. This whisky is not chill filtered and doesn’t have any artificial coloring

The tasting notes

  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose: Peaty, hot smoke, toffee caramel, honey, sultana, hot vanilla fudge, mint, junipers, soaked pears, saltiness, oak, complexity of mixed herbs and a little hint or citrus
  • Taste: Smoke, with notes of juniper, sultana’s, caramel, custard pudding, tobacco leaves, sweet and bitter herbs, green apples, pears, mint, citrus, hints of red fruit, one red pepper and a slight hint of salt
  • Finish: Lingering sweet, smoky and warm

“Jag gillar van svensk whisky”

Mackmyra Svensk Rök has loads of earth tones and hints of warm smoke inside. This combination is a perfect dram for a warm summer evening. An evening with stars in a clear sky, a bonfire, a friend who plays the guitar and good food.

Suggestions:No drops of water for this one for the aroma was flourishing, there was more soft fruit to discover.



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