Redbreast Dream Cask, a 32-year-old single pot still whiskey

I was smiling when a parcel arrived at my home, a while back. There was something special inside.

I received a wee bottle of Redbreast Dream Cask by surprise, a 32-year-old single pot still whiskey, together with some small gifts, like a beautiful glass. Just found out that here was an empty nest, so the RedBreast was right in time to fill in the gap.

Irish Distillers, makers of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys, has confirmed that the limited edition, 32-Year-Old Single Pot Still Irish whiskey, Redbreast Dream Cask, has sold out. Launched exclusively through The Redbreast Birdhouseat 4.00pm on 19th May – World Whisky Day – all 816 bottles of Redbreast Dream Cask were sold by 10.30pm, at a rate of more than two bottles per minute.

I always recommend RedBreast the last few times, when people are asking me for a whiskey tip. My favourite whiskey is the 12 yr old, but this one … not because of the price or the outstanding colour made an appearance which I never forget. Too bad, this is all I had to enjoy, for the bottles were sold so rapidly. What’s not to love about a RedBreast, who wouldn’t like to be spoiled by a sweet little bird that brings dreams …. a pleasure for body and soul.

“The Robin Redbreast is a dainty little bird, scarcely weighing as much as the sparrow, but not at all resembling in shape that detestable little imported pirate”

(Myths of the Robin Redbreast in Early English Poetry
Robert Fletcher)

The tasting notes: 

  • Color: Warm gold
  • Nose: Lots of exotic fruits, bananas, red apples, dark chocolate with a filling of oranges. Sweet herbs. spicy bites, sultana’s, cinnamon, nuts, a hint of oak in the background and a wee bit of coconuts and mint
  • Taste: Sweet melted chocolate with nuts, sultana’s, banana’s, exotic hints, the complexity of mints, menthol, basil, orange peel, lemon, squeezed mandarin and a hint of prunes and peaches
  • Finish: Nice warm and lingering

Suggestions: No water needed, not even a drop if you ask my opinion. But one adventurous drop can make a huge difference in the aroma and the taste.

Grade: 9 out of 10



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