Q: What’s the difference between Wayne Rooney and Highland Park 18?

A: Highland Park 18 got a better pay rise.

Not content to sit idly by as Wayne Rooney wangled a 20% hike in wages, Highland Park 18 has asserted its superstar credentials, with not one but two massive increases in remuneration, totalling 54%, inside twelve months.

At 65GBP early last year the premier league whisky was already a top attraction, commanding a premium of up to 30% over many of its similarly rated rivals. However agents negotiated an increased price tag of 80GBP, bringing it in line with other (some might say overrated) hotshots of the distilling game such as Dalmore 18. Cracks soon emerged though with the opulent Orcadian making limited appearances. Some back-room dealing over the past month has resulted in a new benchmark of 100GBP being set for the malt’s silky skills. It will still wear the number 18 but doubts are now emerging for the long term career prospects of the island imp.

Royal Mile Whiskies tweeted last week on the issue:

Royal Mile Whiskies (@RoyalMileWhisky) tweeted at 4:11 pm on Thu, Feb 20, 2014:

@olip74 Heartbreaking isn’t it? From the odd deal to restricted allocations & two hefty prices rises in a year. Old stocks are dwindling…

Fans were inconsolable. Long time Highland Park 18 supporter and scotchmaltwhisky.co.uk forum member, albo, expressed the feelings of many:

Its an utter joke is what it is.



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