Port Askaig Islay Selection, 8yr & 15yr

portPort Askaig, a well known name in the world of whisky. Poetic, romantic, surprising and exceptional, small words that are describing the name perfectly.

Port Askaig is a small harbor town on the north coast of Islay and well known for a fantastic range of whisky.


Port Askaig is a range of Islay single malt whiskies that embodies the unique spirit of Islay and its people. Its character brings together the robust smokiness and soft fruitiness found in this beguiling island.

Two modest samples of Port Askaig Islay Selection were hidden in a wooden box and in company with two lovely smelling chocolates. These were going to be paired with the whisky for a new taste sensation and a new experience.

Each chocolate was matched to a particular whisky, sounds like a date.

Port Askaig 8yr

  • Color: Lovely sunny
  • Nose: Lemon peel, smoke, sweet, caramel, pepper, honey, creamy, fruity, poached pears and a salty sea breeze.
  • Taste: Pepper, creamy, salty, caramel,
  • Finish: Sweet and warm

Paired with the Sea Salted caramel Truffle.

Port Askaig 15yr Sherry Cask

  • Color:
  • Nose:Sultanas, almonds, marzipan, red fruit, honey and a complexitiy of citrusfruit and toffee
  • Taste: Almonds, honey, hints of warm red fruit, cherries, red apple and oranges coming through
  • Finish: Fruity

This whisky went on a date with the Tobacco Caramel Truffle.

Not new, but always a challenge, pairing whisky with food, like cheese, haggis, salmon and even chocolate. Which combination gives the most fabulous experience? When pairing whisky with food, chocolate in this case, it can be very tasty and extremely yummy.

Both a match made in heaven, a successful date for Port Askaig, if you ask me.

Thank you Steve from The Whisky Wire for being an excellent host. Go to Port Askaig for more information.



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