Paul John Brilliance, the Inner Spirit

I’ve never met a tastier Paul John, than this one.  But, being honest, I’ve never had the opportunity meeting a Paul John before.

  • Name: Paul John Brilliance
  • Country: India
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 45,-

The Paul John Brilliance, an Indian single malt from John Distilleries, established in 1992. The distillery is named after their Chairman Mr Paul P. John.

  • Paul John BrillianceColor: Warm gold
  • Nose: Morning Cereal, vanilla, brown sugar, hot toast, cinnamon, tropical fruit, nougat. soft, sweet and refreshing
  • Taste: Warm chocolate, cinnamon, citrus fruit, mandarin, melon, burned brown sugar, vanilla and a hint of fresh picked leafs and a complexity of sweet herbs
  • Finish: Medium, warm with a warm chocolate flavor


Paul John Brilliance is a unpeated Indian “Spirit” Single Malt Whisky, 46%. Fully matured in ex-bourbon casks and distilled in traditional copper pot stills in Goa, India. If you love surprises, this is one whisky, you have to nose and finally to taste for pure enjoyment. Highly recommended. Let your inner spirit be surprised with this Brillian(t)ce, powerful but gentle whisky.

Suggestions: One drop of water will give this whisky a fantastic aromatic explosion.

I’m giving this whisky a 8.5 out of 10



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