Passport Collaborates with Street Artist for First Global #UrbanArtProject

Passport Urban Art Bottle Creative-HiResPassport, the unconventional Scotch whisky, has partnered with rising star of the UK urban art scene, Jim Vision, to create the #UrbanArtProject as it looks to consolidate its rapid growth1 among young adults in emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Angola and Central Europe.

Passport challenged Jim Vision to capture the free-spirited and colourful essence of the brand using street art on a single canvas. Known for his bold compositions and high level of detail, Jim was given the freedom to experiment with different materials to express his interpretation of what Passport means to him; the result is a striking piece of street art that forms the basis of the #UrbanArtProject campaign.

The campaign has been brought to life through a limited edition bottle with standout shelf-appeal. Wrapped in Jim’s original artwork, the Passport Scotch #UrbanArtProject limited edition bottle is set to engage with millennial consumers in five markets, including Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Poland from this month.

Mark Thorne, Passport Global Brand Director, comments: “In 2015, Passport Scotch earned its position as the fastest growing blended Scotch that sells more than 200,000 cases per annum2, which is confirmation of the great successes that we have seen in encouraging our consumers to unleash their curiosity and explore the world around them with Passport. Urban art is an integral part of our cities, so we see it as a natural fit for Passport Scotch as it really allows us to push the boundaries of creativity in the whisky category.

“After seeing Jim Vision’s work, we knew we wanted him to lead our first ever Passport Scotch Urban Art Project and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Jim’s creativity was allowed to flow without constraint, which resulted in this fantastic piece of art that brings our values to life and we hope it will continue to inspire our consumers in emerging markets around the world.”

Click here to watch the creation of the Passport Scotch #UrbanArtProject mural.

Source: Richmond Towers



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