Old Crow Traveler Fifth Bot.1970s

A crow, the “Kraa-Kraa-Kraa” sound, they are making, you hear this a lot, but the crow also makes other sounds … Because of their high intelligence and adaptability crows can live about everywhere…..

Old Crow Traveler Fifth Bot.1970s , a nice but strong vintage Whiskey…  I felt young again!

Old Crow is a brand of American Whiskey. This Kentucky Straight American Bourbon is called Old Crow Bourbon – Traveler Fifth and was bottled in the 1970’s.

The Traveler Fifth series was sold by Old Crow from the 1960s. This bottle was designed for people who travelled a lot. And wanted a bottle, that they could easily bring along.

It was marketed by the distillery as a bourbon whiskey that “packs as flat as a your shirt”. The bottle design is square and flat .. easy to take in the suitcase.

  • Name: Old Crow
  • Type: Bourbon
  • Country: USA
  • Price per standard amount: € 100,00

This is without tasting notes….  when found, it will be placed here!

Suggestions: Pure…. or very, very small drops of water.


I give this whiskey an 8 out of 10.







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5 thoughts on “Old Crow Traveler Fifth Bot.1970s

  1. I have a Travellers fifth never opened and purchased in 1968. Have just given it to my son, who is a bourbon drinker and collector.

    The label illustrated is different to one my son has by way of the proof rating which is 86%. So my presumption is this bottle would be to the original Old Crow recipe. Can anyone confirm this please.

    Best regards


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