New (kids) Men on the Block! Real Men Drink Whisky NL

Real Men Drink Whisky

Real Men Drink Whisky

Once upon a time… just kidding!

It’s a familiar story really, two lads decided to drum up a few friends to start their own whisky tasting club ‘Real Men Drink Whisky’. Besides sharing and discussing their private collections with each other, they also attended organised whisky tastings. This is were the ball started rolling and things got a bit different…

Paul Nelson, founder & owner of RMDW NL, decided that he could do better. Along with co-founder & righthand man Rick Edwards, he started giving the friendly tasting sessions a more organized vibe. Word got around, more & more people showed interest and things started getting busy! After a fair amount of research and a trip to the chamber of commerce ‘Real Men Drink Whisky NL’ was a fact!

But, now it’s time to stand out…

Real Men Drink Whisky NL differ from other tasting organizers in their part of the country by not focusing on a single style of whisky. The competition tend to stick to the generic offerings of single malt scotch. Paul and Rick offer a range of menu’s covering all the different styles, while straying off the beaten track and also serving lesser known whiskies.

Paul Nelson & Rick Edwards

Paul Nelson & Rick Edwards

Their ‘bestseller’ is the “Basics First” package. It’s the perfect start for newcomers or novice drinkers. The participants are taught the methodology of nosing & tasting. The different styles of whiskies are explained along with the distilling process. All without being too technical so not to overload the future whisky lovers with unnecessary information.

RMDW NL aim to accommodate the more advanced dram drinker with bespoke tasting sessions based on their client’s wishes. This can range from a ‘single bottle’ session to a ‘full range’ tasting.

Closing note:

The name may be misleading, but the ladies are more than welcome to join in the activities. Paul and Rick both see the number of ladies who can appreciate a good whisky ever increasing. They jokingly say:

“Well, real women drink whatever they want!”

If you would like to see more about these men, go to their website: or their twitter page.



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