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Monday, October 12. A large group of enthusiasts were looking forward to this rum tasting, held online for a long time. Wrapped in a fabulous black box, 4 samples of rum were waiting to be opened, Mount Gay Black Barrel, Mount Gay XO, 1703 Master Select 2016, and a preview of the 2017 release of the 1703 Master Select.

When looking at the line-up, no wonder we all looked forward to this evening.

Mount Gay Rum, Barbados, is the oldest brand in the world. This brand dates from the year 1703 and is produced by Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. in Barbados. This brand is characterized by its own unique character and is sold in 110 countries.

 Mount Gay Black Barrel – 43%

  • Color: Sweet Golden
  • Nose: spicy, citrus, lemon, mandarin peel, cinnamon, strong and very rich. Sweet, tropical, hints of warm toffee, very smooth and a salty breeze
  • Taste: Tingling, lovely warm, sticky, caramel, banana, vanilla, oak, smooth, citrus, butterscotch, warm custard, stroopwafel, spicy, sweet. A great complexity of flavours
  • Finish: Lovely tingling and warm

We consider Black Barrel to be our most versatile liquid. Bold spicy notes dominate with an oaky vanilla toast finish Certainly mixable but still a great sipper. Black Barrel is unique having a secondary maturation in heavily charred bourbon casks.

Mount Gay XO – 43%

  • Color: Tawny
  • Nose: Sharp, hints of sherry, red fruit, green apple, hints of citrus, aniseed, liquorice, prunes, the four-season pepper-mix I have in my kitchen cabinet
  • Taste: sweet, spicy, creamy and well balanced, liquorice, pineapple, hints of toast, lingers, but gets dry, too soon. But lovely nevertheless
  • Finish: Love how it flows down my tongue. Lip-licking good

Mount Gay XO is a blend of precious reserve casks matured in ex American whisky casks for 8 to 15 years. Many would agree that it remains as the benchmark for sipping rum since its release 25 years ago.

1703 Master Select 2016 – 43%

  • Color: Burnished
  • Nose: A lot of caramel and stroopwafel. But this time a stroopwafel that is warm, fresh from the market, apricot, warm custard, raisins, liquorice, papaya fruit, Indian cake, smooth and a complexity of warm red fruit, raspberries.
  • Taste:
  • Finish:

1703 Master Select is hand selected by Allen Smith and is a combination of 55 different casks. Allen says, “the most important ingredient in 1703 Master Select is time”

1703 Master Select 2017 – 43%

  • Color: Burnished
  • Nose: nutmeg, vanilla, caramel, very soft, fresh coffee in the morning, vanilla, Dutch candy, called Hopjes, anise, oranges, butter, and crème brûlée
  • Taste: Soft spices, paprika, lavender, liquorice, sweet, green apples, banana, grapefruit, and also, cinnamon and sweet bubblegum
  • Finish: Sweet, fresh and lingering

1703 Master Select 2017 exhibits similarities to 2016 of complex wood, leather and tobacco, but a further fruity character

Nice fact: Allen Smith is the creator of Black Barrel, XO Cask Strength, 1703 Master Select and Origin Series among others.

Nice fact: The Master Select series is the only expression that is hand bottled and hand labeled

Thank you TheFloatingRumShack and MountGayRum for this experience, it was a blast! Loving rum, even more, every time. Love to see more interaction? Follow #MountGayRumTT on twitter



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