Meet Odin!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.08.09 PMOdin, God of the Norwegian mythology in a bottle. This is the fourth and thereby final whisky in the Valhalla series of Highland Park.

And a sneaky one this whisky is. I had a small sample of this beauty, hidden away. It seems I’m getting old, it took ages to find Odin!. But this story ends well, found him!

Hmm, when the Vikings went into battle went, they called in the help of Odin, the mystery god, I should known, love the vikings.


Enough talk. Let’s move on to the tasting notes:

  • Color: Lovely
  • Nose: A mix of nuts, complexity of cinnamon, nutmeg, spiciness and hints of sweetness, leather, also hints of cherries and strong herbs
  • Taste: Sweet, spicy, warm sugar, mix of chocolate cake mixed with nuts and a complexity of sultana’s and oranges.
  • Finish: Medium long with a great after taste.

Odin is a limited edition. Worldwide, there are 17,000 bottles available, with a fabulous wooden frame with the scary outlines of a traditional Viking ship. Lucky you when you obtained a bottle.

Suggestions: Just Pure, some drops of water or little pieces of ice or of course, the freezer.


I give this whisky an 8.5 out of 10.

Highland Park produces a fantastic range with a mysterious God at the end. I really enjoyed this 55,8 %  fantastic dark whisky, but I love the sweet Freya a bit more! Curious? She is just one click away!



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