Makar Glasgow Gin

MakarDuring my stay at the Harrow Whisky Festival, in January, I had the pleasure to have a Gin nip. Makar Glasgow Gin that is. This gin has his spirit roots at the Glasgow Distillery only since 2014.

I’ve looked up the word Makar and Makar is a term for a poet and a poet this gin is. This gin is one of the finest I ever tasted. I can recommend this to everyone. It is an amazing step for your palate to take but worth it.

The bottle itself is elegant and shows beauty with a luxurious deep blue metallic-finish label with copper highlights featuring hand-sketched.

Makar Glasgow Gin is the first and only gin brand to be produced in metropolitan Glasgow. This is being Hand-crafted in small batches in their copper pot still called Annie. The ingredients that are being used for this gin are fresh and you recognize this certainly in the gin, when tasting. This gin has, like written on the label the enlivening power of the finest juniper berries complimented by seven harmonising botanicals; angelica root, liquorice, coriander seed, lemon peel, rosemary, black peppercorns and cassia bark

The tasting notes

  • Color: Transparant
  • Nose: Fruity, berries, rosemary, kitchen spices, lemon, cinnamon
  • Taste: Lemon, fruity, complexity of spices
  • Finish: Medium long, a bit sticky and dry, love it

Drawing on the pioneering spirit of Scotland’s first licensed distillers, The Glasgow Distillery Company takes its name from one of Glasgow’s original distilleries. Founded at Dundashill in 1770, the distillery was known as The Glasgow Distillery Company for a period and remained active until the beginning of the 20th Century.

The original distillery was, at one point, one of the largest licensed operations in Scotland, with 12 stills producing both peated and unpeated single malts.

Suggestions: One word: pure, but you can make a lot of lovely cocktails with Makar. Just go to their website and find out: Glasgow Distillery

Grade: I give this gin an 9 out of 10



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