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Cities and states in the U.S are starting to advertise themselves in hopes of generating revenue for the city/state and its residents, convincing us that the life there is so diverse and it’s by all means the greatest place on earth. Well at least that’s the feel I got from the ‘Come Visit California’ commercial.

I can’t feign vast knowledge on the marketing techniques of vacation and relocation destinations but I bring this up as a small introduction to New York ’s own sort of marketing techniques,

Made in NYC and Made in NY. New York in my opinion has taken a different, inside out approach, looking to convince NY residents first, that this is the greatest place on earth.

Made in NYC and Made in NY encourage everything NYC and NY respectively, boasting a myriad of home grown goods and services as well as small business opportunities. Products and services range from entertainment, media and technology to construction, apparel and food and beverage. Who knew New York City had local distilleries producing home grown rum, moonshine and most importantly whisky?! I dig it. The Made in NY initiative has one New Yorker convinced for sure.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to listen to the voice of the Made in NY initiative and support my local businesses and report back here on Then if you’re ever in New York City you can take time to see all New York has to offer. So stay tuned for a vivid recap of my visits to King’s County Distillery and Van Brunt Stillhouse, two Brooklyn based distilleries that I am thrilled to experience, all for you of course.

King’s County Distillery advertises itself as New York City’s oldest operating whisky distillery that use New York grain while Van Brunt Stillhouse seems rooted in the rich history of Brooklyn while having a meticulous eye for quality. I am salivating at the thought so make sure you return to get every savor detail!

Written by: Cheriselle Scott



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