Jag gillar Mackmyra Skördetid

Mackmyra Skördetid, a beautiful single malt whisky from Sweden. Skördetid, which is Swedish for “harvest time”, is the result of close collaboration between Mackmyra and the Italian wine producer Masi, and is available in limited quantities.

Mackmyra always surprises me with their amazing releases. And this time, they surprised me with a seasonal whisky with Amarone cask finishing.

Mackmyra Skördetid has bottled at 46.1% and comes with natural colour. Skördetid, released as a limited edition, will be available in selected export markets and at the Swedish liquor shops.

The tasting notes:

  • Color: Old gold
  • Nose: Spicy, nutmeg, pepper, forest soil, grapefruit, oranges, hints of wet oakwood, ginger, anise, vanilla, caramel, raisins and a complexity of peach and pears
  • Taste: Sweet, fruity, chopped peach, vanilla, pepper, raisins, ginger, oily, sticky, hints of coffee, caramel, dark chocolate combined with vanilla cream
  • Finish: Lovely warm, soft and lingering

I was very pleased that the finish took so long, it was very soft and it was lingering for a long time, lovely. A treat for the cheeks and the lips, smiling.

If you have a chance to try or to buy this edition, please do. The Mackmyra Skördetid, an elegant whisky, can’t be missed in your whisky cabinet. It has a gorgeous nose and pleasant finish, perfect for a romantic gettogether on a winters night.

“Jag gillar van svensk whisky”

Suggestions: I added one drop of water, to see the effect. The aroma was opening up, there was more soft fruit to discover.

Grade: 8.5 out of 10



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