Lovely Bowmore 12yr

This time I’ve chosen to review a whisky, what I already knew. A whisky of what I think is a lovely one. The Bowmore 12yr old, or should I say young?

Bowmore 12yr is a relatively mild whisky, which many whisky drinkers have standard on their list. An intriguing color, combined with wonderful flavors and surrounded by enchanting aromas, just mouthwatering delicious.  With the Bowmore 12yr you’re almost always on the right track.

  • Name: Bowmore
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Country: Scotland
  • Price per standard amount: € 30,00

Bowmore is founded over two centuries ago in 1779,  with this Bowmore is the first recorded distillery on Islay (pronounced “eye-la”) and one of the oldest in the whole of Scotland. Something to be proud of, very proud. And I think Bowmore is! I know for sure!

The island of Islay is located at the southwest of Scotland. The Bowmore distillery is located in the “same name” location. This “same name” is the capital city of the island and is located on the arm of the sea Loch Indaal. That arm will hug you when you’re visiting.

Diving a bit in history. The name Bowmore comes from the Gaelic. “Bow” meaning bay and “More” large. The meaning thus refers to the large bay to Loch Indaal where Bowmore is located.

  • Color: Soft, golden
  • Nose: Soft, salty flavors with lovely undertones of some lemon, honey and red fruit
  • Taste: An oily texture with warm, soft flavors, citrus and sweet notes of vanilla, honey and nice caramel
  • Finish: Delicious medium long aftertaste

The Bowmore 12yr is one of the more lenient Islay whisky compared to other whiskies such as Laphroaig, Lagavulin or Ardbeg.
Smoother and better accessible for beginners.


Bowmore 12yr, with a excellent price / quality ratio, earns a place in your cabinet. Perfect for birthday’s or for a whisky introduction with your friends, who say “I don’t like whisky”. Can you imagine? That someone would say “I don’t like whisky”? I know some … most of them, were diving deep and tried one that’s not smooth…..

I’ve got something like this with red wine, I’m not a big fan of wine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like wine…  When in good company and good advise, you learn to appreciate what you’re drinking……. also in the world of whisky!


Suggestions: just pure


I give this whisky an 8 out of 10.



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