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Loch Lomond & Glen Scotia

The Loch Lomond Group is an independent distiller and blender of some of the finest and rarest Scotch whiskies in the world. And they have proven themselves on the night of this twitter tasting.

An amazing range of whisky was waiting patiently to be opened and to be enjoyed.

You see six bottles on the picture, only five passed the online tasting and one will be enjoyed at a later time, Glen Scotia Double Cask, for my personal pleasure.

Ichmurrin 12 yr – 46%

  • Color: Sunshine gold
  • Nose: Lovely cherry, red fruit, pears, mango, caramel, cinnamon and a lovely hint of fresh smashed apples
  • Taste: honey, sweet spicy, oranges, cherries and a complexity of smoothness and warmth. Also hints of salty and caramel
  • Finish: Lovely warm and smooth

(The whisky is aged in three types of cask  bourbon, refill and re-charred casks for a period of 12 years)

Loch Lomond 12 yr – 46%

  • Color: Grain gold
  • Nose: Smooth and soft, antique wax, green apple, lemon, lime, coconut, burned sugar and love! Salty and caramel
  • Taste: Caramel, cookies, salt, vanilla, sticky and even more spicy with tropical influences
  • Finish: Smooth and warm

(Loch Lomond 12 year old is distilled and matured in the shadow of  Scotland`s majestic Ben Lomond)

Inchmoan 12 yr – 46%

  • Color: Summer gold
  • Nose: Peated, toffee, burned sugar, leather, medicinal, stewed pears, deep hints of mint leaves, burned almonds and a lot of fruit
  • Taste: Toffee, cinnamon, menthol, almonds, banana, kiwi, fruitiness all over and peat
  • Finish: Lovely warm

(This whisky is matured for 12 years in a mix of recharred American oak  and refill bourbon American oak casks)

Glen Scotia 16 yr – 46%

  • Color: Sunny gold
  • Nose: Pears, hay, lemon, woody, oranges, banana, salt and pepper. For some strange reason: Cheese?
  • Taste: Almonds, custard, lemon, salt, orange peel and banana juice and a complexity of filled chocolates
  • Finish: Lovely warm and oily

(Gently matured in the finest American oak barrels)

Glen Scotia 25 yr – 48.8%

  • Color: Lovely golden
  • Nose: Toffee, leather, lip balm from Burt’s bees, apples, orange peel, chocolate, salty crackers and vanilla
  • Taste: Salty, chocolate, oranges, chopped chocolate, warm fresh crackers and lovely aromatic tropical hints
  • Finish: Warm and sticky finish

(This whisky is gently maturered in the finest American oak barrels and bottled in 2017)

I love to add some water into the whisky, just a drop, to see what it does. But it is for yourself to find out whether you like it or not. It was amazing with the Ichmurrin 12 yr, it had a “wow” effect on me. Fantastic!

If you wish to explore more expressions, go to the website of Loch Lomond Group and visit The Whisky Wire.



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