Lindores Abbey, the spiritual home of scotch whisky

Lindores Abbey is the ruin of a Benedictine abbey from the twelfth century, located in Lindores.

Interesting for the oldest mention about producing whisky in Scotland, is a text from 1494, in which a monk of Lindores Abbey order goods to produce whisky for James IV of Scotland.

This tasting of Lindores Abbey Distillery is the 140th tasting of The Whisky Wire, A ruin that has been resurrected to modern whisky-making. The Fife based Lindores Abbey Distillery, the brainchild of Drew McKenzie-Smith and his wife Helen, officially opened last October, followed by the first distillation on the site in over 500 years in December. So, all the enthusiasts who are participating were very excited to try their whisky.

It’s like travelling into the past and savouring the whisky in the future, with our hosts, Elliot Wynn-Higgins, Home Manager and Gary Haggart, Distillery Manager.

New Make Spirit – 73%

  • Color: Neutral
  • Nose: Stunning, sweet, anise, buttermilk, soft, peachy, wet leafs, oily, licorice, metallic complexity, butterscotch
  • Taste: Tingling, spicy, hot, oily, fresh but also some bitterness. Warm red fruit, citrus, salty, red peppers, grassy, pine nuts
  • Finish: Warm, long and tingling

New Make Spirit is the core a raw essence of what will be whisky, once it’s been aged in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years.

Aqua Vitae – 40%

  • Color: Pale
  • Nose: Warm red fruit, ginger, cinnamon, peach, pears covered with caramel, citrus, lemon, lavender, hints of old medicine made from plants and flowers.
  • Taste: Ginger but with tropical hints, mixed peel, mango, strawberries, brown sugar, custard, licorice syrup, love hearts, green leaves and the smell of a flower-shop
  • Finish: Sweet, warm and complex

(First release from Lindores.) Lindores Abbey Aqua Vitae, is distilled in pot stills and then infused with a blend of spices and herbs, including cleavers, lemon verbena, douglas fir and sweet Cicely. All of which are grown in the grounds of the Abbey. Aqua Vitae, is a tribute to the origins of Scotch as we know it today. The earliest was made at Lindores Abbey in 1494. Thought to have helped to ‘sloeth age’ and ‘abandoneth melancholy’, it was a powerful tonic that was drunk by kings and commoners alike.

Cask Blend – 60%

  • Color: Pale
  • Nose: Sweet, oily touch, apples, black pepper, grassy, lavender, mint, medicinal hints, raisins, oranges, apple pie, cream, bitter chocolate, flowers, dried grass, pencil shavings, sweet corn and also a complexity of scones
  • Taste: Spicy, hot, hints of bitterness, toffee, mint, grapefruit, honey, ginger, nutmeg, Port, stewed apples sprinkled with cinnamon, back pepper, lemon, honey, figs, oily, sticky Rumtopf (Danish), mince pies, custard and also hints of bitterness like dark chocolate (85%) and grassy influence
  • Finish: Sharp on the tongue

Lindores Abbey Cask Blend Sample: Matured in first fill bourbon (Old Forester) and Oloroso Sherry casks, which have been shaved, toasted and recharred. Lindores Abbey, have so far filled over 800 casks, some of which are unique and include Tiron virgin oak and Monbazillac wine casks. A blend of 3 single casks aged for 7 months.

Fact: The water source for @LindoresAbbey comes from a borehole near the distillery, so they can draw from the same supply used in 1494.

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