Knappogue Castle, a 12 yr old kiss

Recently I got a tip, a kissable one, delicious the person said. The golden tip was to try a “Castle” whiskey from Ireland. You must know my curiosity by now. Knappogue Castle 12 yr is the whiskey, that had to be kissed.

  • Name: Knappogue
  • Country: Ireland
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 35,00

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.43.40 AMKnappogue is a town located in the west of Ireland. It’s located on a hill and the word” Knappogue” has a beautiful meaning: Hill of the kiss. And what I definitely like is the castle that’s situated in the area. Can’t help it, I just love castles.

The Knappogue Castle is built in the year 1467. The castle’s name translates as “Castle of the place abounding in little hills”. This whiskey is the link between “Hill of the kiss” with a fabulous Castle.

Let’s find out it the kiss will be worth drinking …..

  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose: Lemon, raisins, soft, sweet, cereal, woody, spicy and hints of cookie dough with chopped green apples, mint and dark chocolate
  • Taste: Fruity, marzipan, citrus, complexity of cereal sprinkled with warm brown sugar, vanilla, woody and a fresh rich flavor
  • Finish: Medium and small a tingling

I was doing some “research’ and ( tell me if I’m wrong ) first it was distilled at Bushmills Distillery, but now their whiskey is being distilled at Cooley Distillery.

Suggestions: One tiny drop of water to make the kiss more significant.


I give this whiskey an 8 out of 10.



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