JJ Corry Irish Whiskey Tasting

Named after and inspired by JJ Corry. A renowned whiskeybonder of the 1890;s who resided in ithe local port town of Kilrush. An opportunist at heart and while still in his 20’s he bought a shop on 63 Henry Street, Kilrush.

Three lovely looking bottles with even a more mysterious looking liquid inside. The top reveals the order of the tasting, number 1, 2 and 3. JJ Corry, whiskey noted for high class goods.

The tweettasting held on 17th of April was really good!

JJ Corry, source their whiskey and casks 100% transparently, from all over world. Matching spirit to cask and laying them down to mature in their bonded rack house on their family farm in County Clare, Ireland.

JJ Corry, classify every single cask that they own into a flavour component and have about 18 different components when they go to blend a whiskey.

Did you know, JJ Corry, have built a Bonders blending room on site so they can carefully control their process – it’s the only one of its kind in Ireland. In addition, their rackhouse has a clay floor. Casks are stored on the bilge and it’s designed to naturally store thermal energy so we keep the temps up over 8 degrees all year-round. They built the rackhouse with a southern aspect and windows down the side to make the most of the sun. Last summer they had internal cask temps of 25 degrees.

Tasting Notes:

JJ Corry 3 yr Grain – 61.5%

  • Color: Pale gold
  • Nose: Sharp with citrus, banana, custard, mandarins, hairspray, but also ginger, vanilla, oranges, papaya, lavender, custard, brown sugar and a hint of floral notes, fresh, honey, pepperish, chocolate meringue, papaya and a hint of salt
  • Taste: Sharp again with a rainbow of freshness, citrus, lemon, lime, oranges covered with dark chocolate, custard pudding, exotic, raspberries, strawberries, banana, hints of pepper and menthol
  • Finish: Warm, long and fresh

Matured in an Old Forester bourbon barrel.

JJ Corry The Gael- 46%

    • Color: Pale gold
    • Nose: Sweet, delicate, palm trees, lavender, anise, lemon, squeezed lime with a splash of pineapples, chopped green apples, pears and peaches in one smell, creamy, white chocolate, coconuts
    • Taste: sweet, red fruit, nuts, delicate peaches, apples, vanilla, flower honey, very rich and a complexity sweet spice and saltiness combined with a bomb of the tropics, banana and pineapple, plus some passion fruit
    • Finish: Sweet, creamy

Blended Irish Whiskey. Matured in a combination of sherry and first/second fill bourbon casks containing 11, 15, 26 year old malts and 7 year old grain.


JJ Corry Flintlock 16 yr– 46%  – 16 yr (Limited to just 600 bottles. Matured in first and second fill ex-bourbon barrels)

  • Color: Pale gold
  • Nose: Fresh, nuts, apricots, a lot of ginger, lemon, lime, mandarin, sultana’s, sweet honey that has been mixed with white chocolate and covered with a creamy layer of toffee
  • Taste: Spicy, garden herbs, cinnamon? Apples, creamy and mellow influences, sticky, bubblegum, white chocolate, toffee
  • Finish: Lovely sticky and warm

Aged in three ex-bourbon casks. Named after this pistol we found in the rafters of our tasting room that’s been dated to 1780!

You could add a drop of water, but as you might know, it isn’t always a thing to do. Whiskey straight from the bottle without any water or ice can be stunning and this counts for the whiskey I tasted during the tweettasting.

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