Next stop, Island of the Deer

During my adventure, I was thinking of Scotland. Not only in the whisky way, but also in the country and culture way. Since my youth I just love the country it self, the accents, the highlands, lowlands, and not to forget about the Kilts. But enough … my adventure just started… and I just wanted you to know. Along the way, I will tell you more about my thoughts.

Jura Scotch Single Malt

The whisky I’ve chosen is a Scotch Single Malt, the Isle of Jura 10 years Old.
I just love the shape of this bottle, it’s simple and pure. A timeless design which reminds me of the waist of a young woman. Just close your eyes and touch the bottle, feel the shape and find out.

I secretly peeked at for some information, which I would like to share with you. The Isle of Jura is one of Scotland’s last wildernesses. Did you know that a little over 200 people are outnumbered by the 5000 deer on this stunning Scottish island? The Isle of Jura is roughly the same size as Islay and its name is believed to originate from the Norse “Island of the Deer”.


  • Name: Isle of Jura 10 years Old .
  • Country: Scotland, highlands
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 29,25
Isle of Jura 10 years is an accessible, easy malt with a soft body. This whisky is sweet in the mouth, but develops into a pinch of salt. I would say that this is a great malt for a novice to start, male or female.


  • Color: Gold color
  • Nose: Very light peat smoke, also a little sweet sherry, sweet hay
  • Taste: pine, honey. Evolves into sweetness. Opens very slowly
  • Finish: Salty, with a surprising sense

Suggestions: Pure, on the rocks or with a little bit of water to release the lovely bouquet.


I give this whisky an 8 out of 10.




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