Irish Whiskey Tasting .. Ierland in een Glas

Tuesday, April 16. The day that The Irish Whiskey Tasting was held in Leeuwarden at a fantastic Irish Pub, Paddy O”Ryan.

Paddy O’Ryan is situated in the center of Leeuwarden. Very easily accessible by bus, train, bicycle and car. For this tasting event, the pub has reserved a lovely room upstairs, a room with a fantastic view, ambiance, warmth and character. Normally I organize tastings online, through Twitter and Facebook. You can imagine, I was very exited to host a tasting event on location, with a Creative Whisky Girl touch.

While Jankobus Seunnenga was preparing his part of this evening, I was preparing mine. Decorating the table with placemats, glasses, pens, paper, etcetera. The most important thing, I didn’t forget the Whiskey. I choose four fantastic bottles of whiskey, a fantastic line-up!

8pm, the participants all arrived on time, and all bringing a big smile on their faces. After a warm welcome and a small introduction of myself and Jankobus, we’re ready to start “Ierland in een Glas”.

Four whiskies in a row, this evening we’re nosing and tasting them, one by one …  behold the judgment.

1. Writer’s Tears

  • Color: Yellow gold
  • Nose: Soft, aromatic, lavender, honey, citrus fruit
  • Taste: Soft, honey, citrus fruit, vanilla, pepper, spicy
  • Finish: long, ripe fruit with a hint of honey

2. Feckin Irish Whiskey

  • Color: Beautiful gold
  • Nose: Soft, little spicy, cereals, honey, butterscotch, sweet shop
  • Taste: Spicy cake, nuts, honey, fruitiness, orange, apple.
  • Finish: Tasty, medium, small tingling remains behind on the tongue

3. Green Spot

  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose: Spearmint, papaya, tropical, citrus fruit, also some ripe fruitiness
  • Taste: Spicy, pepper, menthol, potpourie, chemically
  • Finish: Soft, medium hint of menthol

4. RedBreast 12yr

  • Color: Bright gold
  • Nose: Rich, nuts, oily, fruity, peppermints
  • Taste: Nuts, citrus, mandarin, marzipan, sherry, spicy, ginger, licorice shop
  • Finish: Long, creaminess, fine spices.

At the end, we came to the following conclusion … We had all one favorite. I’ll reveal the order of the favorite whiskey to the less favorite whiskey of this Irish Whiskey Tasting evening.

  1. RedBreast 12yr
  2. Feckin Irish Whiskey
  3. Writer’s Tears
  4. .. and the last one in the row the Green Spot.

We all had a chat after the Whiskey Tasting outside on the terrace and …..If I can express myself ..  It was awesome! This was a successful, fun, incredible, fantastic and educational evening.

The enthusiasm of everyone about the selection and the astonishing elements of the whiskey, music and appetizers. Well I can say it all in words, but the best way to experience one of Whisky Girl Whisk(e)y Tasting on location is simple …
Join in some time  … there will be more!


Ierland in een Glas



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