Irish Spirit Takes ‘Dublin’s Own’ DWD Whiskey Back to the USA

DUBLIN — 17 November 2017 – Coinciding with this weekend’s launch of their online store for rare and historic Irish whiskey, Irish Spirit has announced an exclusive release of historic DWD Irish whiskey ‘Heritage Edition’ to US and international markets, where the brand thrived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Newly launched online retailer Irish Spirit has one of the world’s greatest collections of fine and rare Irish whiskeys, including the entire Midleton Very Rare (1984-2017), available for worldwide delivery. As the world’s fastest-growing major spirit, Irish whiskey is drawing international attention.

Though thirst for Irish whiskey is high, the majority of its produce is difficult to source outside of Ireland. Irish Spirit offers whiskey lovers worldwide the chance to sample fine Irish whiskey products that are otherwise only available in Ireland.

The first release under the DWD name in over 70 years, the DWD ‘Heritage Edition’ is available exclusively through for US and international markets. ‘The Heritage Edition’ is a blend of malt and grain whiskey, both double and triple distilled, aged between five and 10 years and matured mainly in first fill American oak Bourbon casks. Over three years of production, DWD has created and reviewed over 117 blends and assembled a panel of master distillers to craft, blend, judge and guide our processes.

“The revived Dublin Whiskey Distillery brand is the ideal figurehead for the Irish whiskey renaissance. Given its popularity in America of the early 20th century, it is only fitting that we should return DWD Irish whiskey to the US during this period of Irish whiskey renaissance,” said Irish Spirit Brand Ambassador Marcus O’Connor. “We’re very proud to assist DWD Irish whiskey in its quest to assume its mantle as the ‘finest whiskey in the world’, as the exclusive distributor of DWD whiskey to US and international markets.”

DWD Irish Whiskey, marketed as ‘the finest whiskey in the world’ was a popular choice in the 19th century for Irish whiskey drinkers worldwide, and in particular, in America. Famine and starvation in Ireland in the mid-1800s prompted mass emigration to America. By 1890, 40% of Irish-born people were living abroad. Antique Victorian branded mirrors in Dublin’s pubs, proclaiming ‘Dublin’s Own’ are a reminder of DWD’s heyday. However, turbulent history and poor treatment at the hands of government and shareholders brought the Irish whiskey industry, and the DWD brand, to its knees.

“Irish Spirit is curating a fine collection of whiskey expressions reflecting the intriguing history that Irish whiskey has experienced,” said Lorcan Rossi, Chief Executive Officer of DWD Whiskey. “We’re very excited to be taking ‘Dublin’s Own’ back to key markets of the past, working with a team who clearly share our passion for Irish whiskey old and new.”

Irish whiskey is poised to make a revival that could see it dethrone its Scotch cousin, as the drink of choice for fashionable young drinkers looking for a sophisticated spirit; Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Pink have all recently expressed their love of Irish whiskey. Just three years ago, there were four distilleries in Ireland, but as of the start of the year, according to the Irish Whiskey Association, there were 16 distilleries in Ireland and 15 more in construction or planning. In mid-October, The Irish Spirits Association reported that Irish whiskey is the fastest growing spirits category in the world, with sales of premium Irish whiskey up by 135% in the last five years.

Irish Spirit is a vocal champion for the Irish whiskey revival and seeks to work closely with brands, distilleries and industry figures to stimulate Irish whiskey sales and tourism. The team aims to educate whiskey fans worldwide through the website’s extensive repository of information dedicated to Irish whiskey, including distillery history, tasting notes for each bottle and the Irish Spirit blog.

DWD ‘The Heritage Edition’ – Tasting Notes

Nose: Warm and inviting as a veil of alluring aromas uncover a treasure chest of enticing nuances – soft chewy caramel, brioche dipped in honey, Madagascar vanilla pod and sun-kissed raisins. This revelation of delight is soon replaced by another barrage of beauty as scents of toffee apple, citrus fruits, moist lemon drizzle cake and succulent sultanas arouse the senses. A whisper of candy floss and a prickle of sherbet freshness completes this tapestry of temptation.

Taste: Hedonistic and heart-warming as this noble spirit enriches the palate with an avalanche of rewarding flavours; creamy white chocolate, caffeè latte, crème brûlée and Doyenne pear. By holding this aged whiskey long in the mouth the warmth of the tongue helps to reveal another fusion of refinement soft liquorice, overripe pineapple, marzipan and roasted cashews.

Finish: A sophisticated coffret of fudge cake, freshly baked crusty bread and ginseng brings this powerhouse of pleasure to a smooth and memorable close.

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