Introducing Dewar’s 25 yr old whisky, finished in royal Brackla casks

DEWAR’S®, the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky is proud to announce the launch of DEWAR’S 25 Years Old.

The new addition to the DEWAR’S portfolio will succeed DEWAR’S Signature (no-age statement) as a part of DEWAR’S dedication and commitment to age statements across its premium range of blended Scotch whiskies.

A meticulous search of the cask inventory revealed an intriguing array of fine aged malt and grain Scotch whiskies aged 25 years and older. Each cask was individually sampled and assessed by Master Blender, Stephanie MacLeod before being chosen. Once MacLeod was satisfied that she had a perfectly balanced flavour profile in the DEWAR’S House Style, the specially selected casks were blended together and then filled into oak casks for an additional period of maturation, a process pioneered by DEWAR’s, known as double-ageing, to add more depth and enriched smoothness.

During this extra period of maturation, the disparate characters of the malts and grains are allowed to interact with one another and mellow further. In an extra step unique to the new 25-year-old expression, the whisky was then filled into a set of freshly disgorged ROYAL BRACKLA® casks for an extra period of finishing.

According to MacLeod,

“DEWAR’S 25 is endlessly smooth, rich and elegant. Awakened on the palate: the sophisticated whisky is glorious in its harmony and balance, gently revealing layers of rich fruit, floral notes and delicate honey, with a hint of smoke to finish.”

Fraser Campbell, Global Ambassador for DEWAR’S comments “Disclosing the ages of our blends allows discerning whisky drinkers to choose an expression with a maturity and flavour profile that matches their own character preferences. DEWAR’S remains committed to age statements as a sign of craftsmanship and quality. In a world where aged stock is increasingly rare, we are proud to display an age on the front of our bottles”.

The age statements that DEWAR’S proudly proclaim on its bottles are not merely numbers; they’re a guarantee of the age of the youngest whisky found within the blend. Each bottle’s age statement is an assurance that it holds an authentic and precious piece of time-honoured taste.

According to the latest reports from the IWSR, DEWAR’S is the fastest growing premium blended Scotch in the world, defying current global Scotch trends. DEWAR’S is also the world’s most awarded blended Scotch with medals for quality, taste and innovation to-date. Adding to the vast list of awards to support this, DEWAR’S 18 Years Old has been crowned best blended Scotch (under 21 years) at the International Spirits Challenge 2017.

DEWAR’S 25 Years Old is bottled at 40% ABV and priced at $225. The new expression will be available from October 2017 in Global Travel Retail followed by a gradual roll-out into key domestic markets.

Source: Quercus Communications



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