Intimate Whiskey Tasting

This intimate tasting came with a sheep and a message in a bottle.

This online tasting was going to be very surprising. Two very different whiskies. Whiskies with a huge distance between them. Distance in their taste and their origin.

The Wild Geese Single Malt Whiskey

  • Wild Geese Single Malt WhiskeyColor:  Nice sweet gold
  • Nose: Pineapple, some salt, tropic beach, peaches, citrus, Lemon curd and gooseberry bush and spicy
  • Taste: Lemon and lemon peel, spices, cumin
  • Finish: Medium long, warm and very nice

With a drop of water, this whiskey became nice and soft.


Old Hokonui

  • old hokonuiColor: Light gold
  • Nose: Strong, asperity, pureness, medical, dried oranges, light woody
  • Taste: Very complex,  citrus, tingling on the tongue but also soft, fresh fruitiness, smokey, honey, mint
  • Finish: Soft, warm and very nice

After a drop of water.. the taste was surprisingly sweeter.
This tasting was one that was confusing for some. Everyone who was joining this Intimate Whiskey Tasting was surprised when they finally knew what whiskey they had this evening to drink. So was I, especially with the Old Hokonui Whiskey from New Zealand. The nose was so much stronger then the taste, I was very surprised. This whiskey was not as strong as the nose was telling me, but very smooth, complex, also notes of fresh fruit ..

The Wild Geese Single Malt was also a bit of a surprise. Hard to guess .. Scotland has been named a couple of times and Japan. This whiskey is 43% and not hard to find out. But with the whiskey from New Zealand, the nose was telling a stronger alcohol percentage .. but this one is only 50 %.

The Old Hokonui is going in my flask for sure!



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