Hyde, the more you smell, the more beauty arises

HydeHyde, an Irish whiskey named after an Irish poet and the man who served as the first President of Ireland from 1938 to 1945,Douglas Hyde.

The name Hyde reminded me of the 70’s show though. Steven to be precise, the one with the curls and fantastic sense of humor who lives down in the basement. More a beer man I think, but maybe he had a weak spot for whiskey. Irish I hope.

Steven Hyde doesn’t like steady relationships for what I’ve seen, that leads to the different fragrances of this whiskey, the no.1 Presidents Cask Single Malt 10 yr (46%). A whiskey with a release of only 5,000 bottles. Hyde is initially matured in ex-Bourbon barrels before a finishing period in Oloroso Sherry casks.

“The more you smell, the more beauty arises”

Let the nosing and tasting begin. First, the palate was made neutral with water and dry bread.

  • Color: Nice golden
  • Nose: Complexity of sweetness, honey, vanilla mixed with chocolates and kitchen spices. Squeezed lemon and smashed banana covered with caramel
  • Taste: Lovely, smooth and creamy. This all combined with the taste of ripe banana, citrus, nuts, peach, red fruit covered with soft and warm caramel. Compare this with a magnum ice cream.
  • Finish: Warm with creamy hints of citrus and oak in the background.

This whiskey, released by Hibernia Distillers. is a real delicacy, as well for the nose as the inner spirit. I already have a weakness for Irish whiskey. Therefore this whiskey is definitely in my highly recommended list.

Suggestions: One word: pure, no water needed.


I give this whiskey an 8,5 out of 10


This whiskey was amazing, but so are Douglas Hyde his poems, very deep and intriguing. Reminds me of Robert Burns. I’ve got a tiny book with poems from the last one.

A Poem To Be Said On Hearing The Birds Sing – Poem by Douglas Hyde


A fragrant prayer upon the air
My child taught me,
Awaken there, the morn is fair,
The birds sing free;
Now dawns the day, awake and pray,
And bend the knee;
The Lamb who lay beneath the clay
Was slain for thee.


– Douglas Hyde –




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