Hyde, the one you have to seek

Hyde Whiskey

Hyde Whiskey

An evening of whiskey, you can’t Hyde anymore. Hyde is a presidential quality Irish whiskey, celebrating the inaugural appointment of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde & the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.

Each Hyde bottle carries an unique bottle identification & batch number allowing it to be traced right back to its original wooden cask & fill date.

A twitter tasting, always fun with new flavour experiences for body and mind. Also this evening, Wednesday, the 21nd of September. An evening with other whiskey enthusiasts in one channel, men and women. I was really looking forward to dive into these two bottles, who both have been waiting all this time to be poured in a glass. And now it was time, finally.

Let’s move on to the tasting notes of what I like to call;

‘A complexity of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in one room’

Hyde 10 yr old, Sherry Cask Finish, single malt (46%)

  • Color: Lovely golden
  • Nose: Peach, light and tropical. Very soft, lovely, cinnamon, lemon and smashed mandarin with a layer of sugar
  • Taste: Warm, tingeling, smooth, peaches, honey and caramel with crushed chocolate
  • Finish: Sweet soft and warm

A lovely Irish single malt. Hyde single malt whiskey is made from 100% malted Irish barley, produced in small batches on a traditional copper pot still.

Hyde 6 yr old, Bourbon Cask Finish, single grain (46%)

  • Color: Amber golden
  • Nose: Strong, medicine. leather, red fruit, Lemon, dried grass, honey, and hints of salt candy but also a complexity of sour
  • Taste: Spicy, oak, smooth, pepper, salty with hints of fresh citrus and sweet nuts and raisins covered with caramel
  • Finish: Complex, but lovely

Hyde single grain whiskey is made on a traditional ‘Coffey Still’ from pure corn & barley grain.It’s then matured for 6yrs in charred, first fill, ex-bourbon casks.

If you like to catch up with all the experiences, go to twitter or if you wish to know more about Hyde Whiskey, go to their website for more information about their range.

Thank you Steve and Hyde Whiskey.



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