It’a friday night and the date is the 7th of February. A perfect night for a lovely and secret tasting. A range of Highland Park is on the menu. For a lot of day’s, hours and minutes, I’m reading about the participants, about they are so excited about this evening. But they are not alone, I’m joining.

We all received a hand written letter with 3 lovely sample bottles, each with different dots on the caps and looking promising: Blue, Red and Green. Curious about everyone of them. Secretly hoped Freya would be one of them.

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  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose: Glue, citrus, pepperish, caramel, leafs, strong grassy and complex spices.
  • Taste: Lovely, grapefruit, white chocolade surrounded with caramel, honey, pepper and salty
  • Finish, Long nice, warm and a bit sticky

“Bottle No 1 (blue):  Thor – 16yr – 52.1% ABV – 23,000 Bottles – Launched in January 2012”


  • Color: Salty gold
  • Nose: Caramelish, pepperish, pineapple, honey, green apple, mandarin, berries, salty smoky, stewed pears.
  • Taste: Lovely, salty, pepperish, apple, mandarin, butter melted with sugar and a squeeze of lemon
  • Finish: Honey warm finish with a hint of sticky sirop

“Bottle No 2 (red): Loki – 15yr – 48.7% ABV – 21,000 Bottles – Launched in March 2013”


  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose:  Fresh, apples, red and green chopped and sprinkled with melon, spring flowers, fresh cut lemon, custard, sultana’s, sharp and poffertjes ( little pancakes )
  • Taste: soft, creamy, oily, warm, smashed apples, coconut, cereal mix with banana, sweet, sugar, oatmeal and fresh spring flowers
  • Finish: Medium warm and oily

“Bottle No 3 (green): Freya – 15yr – 51.2% ABV – 19,000 Bottles – Launched February 2014”

I was honored being asked to join this secret tasting. It was just fabulous and like to thank everyone who made this possible. Thank you Highland Park, Global Brand Advocate @DarylHaldane, and Steve from The Whisky Wire for a great start of the weekend.

A weekend that starts with “The battle between Thor, Loki and Freya, The Norse Gods”



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One thought on “#HPSecretTT

  1. I watched (but didn’t post) the tasting on Twitter with small drams of each. A friend whose wife is pregnant and has to be able to drive should they need to go to the hospital, gifted me half of his samples. A good pal!

    I liked these, all were very distinct and suited their appellation. Thor was thunderous, Loki a mysterious changeling and Freya was truly feminine and lactic. It’s a common theme these days but the only downside for me is the prices. I think it’s important that we take producers to task when they price too highly and I think that applies here, unfortunately.

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