Highland Park Cask Strength Edition

Highland Park Cask Strength Edition, a small bottle with a powerful volume. A birthday present from a Swedish Friend … She must have thought to give something small and powerful, to that someone small and powerful.

  • Name: Highland Park
  • Country: Scotland
  • Type : Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 60,00

As the sweet small and lovely Highland Park bottle opens, you can smell, that this one is going to be complex and a whisky, that deserves some attention. This whisky has been launched just for the Swedish market in 2013 ..

  • Highland ParkColor: Bright Gold
  • Nose: Lovely, spicy, smoky, sweet, notes of complexity and traces of lovely vanilla
  • Taste: Again notes of complexity, ripped eucalyptus leaves,chopped vanilla some polished apples and citrus
  • Finish: Long with lovely notes of citrus  and very peppery on the tongue

Did you know ( join me in History), that  Highland Park is the most northerly distillery in Scotland, and was founded in the year 1798? And that Highland Park is one of the few distilleries that’s using their own barley?

This is a whisky I’ll won’t forget that easy. A surprising whisky with a fantastic peppery finish on the tongue that lasts.  A great welcome for the sunny weather we’re all waiting for …  I know what I’m drinking and wishing tonight …




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One thought on “Highland Park Cask Strength Edition

  1. A Highland Park in Cask Strength sounds interesting. Hopefully they bring out this Single Malt in Germany too. Sad, that Highland Park, dont`write down the age of the malts anymore. Seems to get normal nowadays.

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