My adventure in the Whisky World

I, as a female, am going to take an adventurous journey in the world called whisk(e)y.
This world is dominated by men. There is hope for the woman under us.. there is change, and women are becoming more and more prominent.

A little about me
When I was 18, I fell in love with whisky.  From the first sip I was hooked.
I never tasted anything like it. All i know is, that this particular whisky came from scotland.

Now at the age of 32, i feel it’s time to share my view!…

Upcoming weekend, april 8 2012,  i will open the first bottle of whisky in the series to come…for a nosing and tasting adventure… with other words: Whisky through the eyes of a woman.

And what whisky? For your curiosity …That’s for me to know …..




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