Harrow Whisky Festival

Harrow Whisky Festival

A new Whisky Festival is coming soon to London – the Harrow Whisky Festival. This fabulous festival will take place in January 2016 at a stunning location, Grimsdyke, just 12 miles from London.

Whisky Scouts have visited many distilleries in Scotland to choose the perfect whisky, to be enjoyed at the tastings during the Harrow Whisky Festival. Distilleries in Campbeltown, Glasgow, Highland, Island, Islay, Speyside and Ireland regions.

The Harrow festival is one where you can stay overnight at the venue, no worries who is going to drive home. The room rates are very attractive and you are at your destination from the London airports of Heathrow and Luton in a flash.

Grims DykeThe Harrow Festival will be held at Grimsdyke, a unique and almost mysterious location. Known for it’s wonderful gardens, elegant rooms and as a perfect location for film and TV productions. Think of Dr Who, Little Britain, Holby City and film One Chance. The last one stars James Corden in a portrayal of the life of Paul Potts, the opera singer and Britain’s Got Talent winner.

But what can you expect during your stay?

Interesting talks from whisky scouts, distillers, bloggers and other specialists along with a fantastic range of whisky to nose and to taste. I’ll tell you, this will be a delicious adventure for your nose and taste buds.

There are several ticket options available for this luxurious whisky festival. You can choose to go for a ticket for the Friday session, Saturday session or the exciting Dream ticket, which covers both days. The Dream ticket includes 8 tastings on Friday evening and 8 more on the Saturday, a room overnight, the Friday night distiller banquet and their special recommended Whisky Breakfast/Brunch on Saturday morning.

On the Friday night they will have a late evening 5 course distiller banquet with tables hosted by distillers, whisky folk and their scouts. This evening will be a social and relaxing one, pleasureĀ guaranteed.

You can read more about this festival, ticket-prices etc. on the Harrow Festival website.

Like they wrote on the website ā€¦……….and I’m a huge Dr Who fan:

‘One could almost say its ‘Daleks and Drams’



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