Gosling’s Rum

Gosling's Rum

Gosling’s Rum

Rum is like you all know a liquor and is generally known as the oldest distillate in the world. Older than whisky.

Gosling’s Rum, something completely different than I ever known before. Gosling’s name stands for generations of common and complex dark rums.

Roughly speaking, there are four kinds of rum, white rum, dark rum, spiced rum and over-proof rum, all with their own characteristic features. The history for Gosling’s Rum however starts in the year 1806 with James Gosling, the oldest son of William Gosling. Resulted in, among other excellent bermuda triangle of Rum.

And what a fantastic sensation to the nose, lovely.

Tasting notes:

Black Seal, Bermuda Black Rum

  • Color: Dark Amber
  • Nose: Vanilla, finely chopped cinnamon oranges, tropical, mango, banana
  • Taste: Warm pie, with orange peel, cinnamon and fresh vanilla
  • Finish: Great flavour, sweet finish

Gold Seal, Bermuda Gold Rum

  • Color: Light golden
  • Nose: The sweet tropics, kiwi, soft mango, apricot,
  • Taste:Sweet citrus with strong herbs
  • Finish: Very lovely and warm lingering

Gosling Old Rum

  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Warm brown sugar, red apple, mandarin, caramel, vanilla, raisins
  • Taste: Smooth, creamy, caramel, chocolate and hints of vanilla and citrus
  • Finish: Lovely smooth and warm

Drink these Bermuda triangle pure. You could mix the Black Seal with 7-UP though, with a lemon at the side. Very enjoyable in the summer with crushed ice and a spoon.

When you baked a rum pie with one of the above collection of rum, please send me the recipe. I am always looking for new pie experiences.

For more information about this fantastic rum collection and also the history behind it, go to Gosling’s Rum




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