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Wood Makes the Whisky

Wood Makes the Whisky

The wood that makes the whisky. In the mid 19-60s Gordon & MacPhail’s took the unprecedented step of launching a range of single malts under the brand name “Connoisseurs Choice “.

Until this time, many of the whiskies the range featured would not have been available as single malt.Today, Connoisseurs Choice retains this exclusive nature with a range of rare and sought after single malts from the distilleries throughout Scotland.

Three lovely whiskies from Connoisseurs Choice and one of “The McPhail’s Collection.  My nose was put to work and also my mouth had a pleasant and adventurous time. Let’s move on to the tasting notes, shall we?

1. Connoisseurs Choice Glenallachie 1999 (46%)

  • Color: Pale gold
  • Nose: Vanilla, fresh picked fruit, hints of citrus, lemon, red apple, pear and a complexity of hay and chopped spices
  • Taste: Sweet flavor with notes of toffee, vanilla, pear, mandarin and barley
  • Finish: Medium, warm finish

(bottled 23/01/2015)

2. Connoisseurs Choice Craigellachie 1997 (46%)

  • Color: Dark straw
  • Nose: Fresh aromas of fruit, kiwi, mango, lime, vanilla, sherry and hints of fresh rolled up tobacco
  • Taste: Vanilla, fruity, chopped white and dark chocolate, raspberries and citrus
  • Finish: well balanced

(bottled 01/07/2014)

3. Connoisseurs Choice Dalmore 2001 (46%)

  • Color: Pale straw
  • Nose: Tropical influences, citrus, mango, pineapple, salty and a complexity of fresh mint leafs and liqorice
  • Taste: Citrus, grapefruit, lemon, liqorice, tropical and hints of citrus, chopped banana and mango juice
  • Finish: Lovely tingeling warm

(bottled 05/03/2015)

4. The MacPhail’s collection Glenturret 2002 (43%)

  • Color: Dark gold
  • Nose: Raisins, green apple, citrus, chopped nuts, warm toffee, tropical hints, baked banana, red fruit and a small hint of antique wax
  • Taste: Vanilla, raisins, banana, citrus, liqorice, smooth apple mango and citrus fruit
  • Finish: Creamy and warm

(bottled 21/12/2015)

When you add water to the whisky, new aromas and flavors occur. This is for you to find out yourself, it is truly worth it. New aromas and flavors means, more adventure for the mouthfeel and the nose.

‘A new adventure opens with just one drop of water’

Like to know more about the collection? Find more information on the following website: Gordon and MacPhail



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