Gordon & MacPhail, unique Longmorn Twins

Richard and Stuart Urquhart

To get the opportunity to try two drams created by twins, doesn’t come by often. Twins always have something mysterious, something unique, fascinating really. Stuart Urquhart and Richard Urquhart born in 1961, came to the decision to bottle 57yr old twin casks, selected by their Grandfather and nurtured by their father and their three siblings.

A challenge, you can call it science even. Stuart and Richard, twins, but unique in their own way, made sureĀ  that the casks they chose, reflected their character.

The character of a person is the whole of personal characteristics, which are both determined and learned. It is a combination of solid inner qualities and the influence of the environment. Each character is unique and consists of characteristics that belong to a certain person. The character is the core of the personality. Certain parts of the personality can be trained or learned. It is often assumed that the character has unchangeable, stable characteristics. For example, human character traits are helpful, protective, diligent, courageous and fickle … but how will this be in the whisky manner?

Private collection Longmorn 1961, 57 yr- 40,8%, created by Stuart Urquhart

  • Color: Dark amber/mahogany
  • Nose: Strong, red fruit, vanilla, sultana’s, marzipan, range peel, lemon, soft sweet pepper, salty and hints of a tropical fruit-punch
  • Taste: Sweet cherries, banana, sweet pepper with a strong edge, salt, vanilla, honey, bitterness of a piece of dark chocolate, citrus, oranges, basil, bubblegum, raspberries, nuts
  • Finish: Warm, long, sweet and lingering for minutes

“Cask 512, distilled: 2nd February 1961, bottled: 2nd February 2018, cask type: first fill sherry American Oak hogshead, 97 decanters released for sale worldwide”

Private collection Longmorn 1961, 57yr – 45%, created by Richard Urquhart

  • Color: Warm red
  • Nose: Red pepper, spicy influences, red apples, sweet peaches, soft lemon, orange-peel, mint-leafs, covered with chocolate, sultana’s soaked in water and it reminds you of a nostalgic candy store with hard sweet candy
  • Taste: Warm, boiled soft peaches, lemon-zest, orange-peel, mints, smooth, oily walnuts, fresh with hints of a touch of bitterness, honey, custard and a complex of crushed red pepper with sprinkles of salt in the background
  • Finish: Smooth, oily, a wee bit sticky, but long

“Cask 508, distilled: 2nd February 1961, bottled: 2nd February 2018, cask type: first fill sherry European Oak hogshead, 97 decanters released for sale worldwide”

Both whiskies are unique with their own specific character and that makes it an amazing adventure. For both whiskies, a few drops of water opens everything and there is still more to enjoy and discover.

There is more information to be found via Gordon & MacPhail.



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