Gordon & MacPhail Discovery Range

Whisky that was bottled for the Discovery range (which categorizes whisky into three flavor profiles – ‘Sherry”, ‘Smoky’ and ‘Bourbon’)

These whiskies are all part of the Gordon & MacPhail range to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Connoisseurs Choice. A range that remains true to George Urquhart’s original vision and philosophy.

“The heart of Gordon & MacPhail Clynelish 1989 has a complex and inspirational character”

The tastingnotes:

Gordon & MacPhail Discovery Bunnahabhain 11 yr  – 43%

  • Color: Sunflower gold
  • Nose: Warm, wet raisins, honey, papaya, spicy touch, red peppers, cinnamon powder, peach, mandarin, hints of lavender and a complexity of garlic soaked in fresh apple juice
  • Taste:Red peppers, very spicy, mandarin, citrus, slices of grapefruit, warm strawberries, warm custard, caramel (toffee candy), honey, marmite and a salty roller coaster of lemons, lime and walnuts
  • Finish: Sticky warm, lingering but short

(Sherry Category)

Gordon & MacPhail Discovery Tomatin 2007 – 43%

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Peach, mandarin, lemon, citrus, honey, salty, red pepper influences, sultana’s, chocolate with a filling of caramel, sweet honey and water-drops that fell on fresh grass
  • Taste: Very warm, loads of soft fruit like peach, pears, prunes, apricots, raspberries, sticky toffee, warm salty licorice with a filling of white chocolate
  • Finish: Salty and long

A 2007 vintage single malt from the Tomatin distillery (Bourbon Category)

Gordon & MacPhail Discovery Ledaig 12 yr – 43%

  • Color: Honey gold
  • Nose: Anise, fresh lime, oranges, sharp tail, dragonfruit, mango, hints of antique wax, hairspray and dried cranberries, burned wood
  • Taste: Spicy, salty, warm, different kind of red fruit as an explosion, sweet apples, oranges, hints of grapefruit, smooth, sticky, almonds soaked in a pool of lemon juice
  • Finish: Salty, sweet and complex

The 12 year old Ledaig, A bottle from Tobermory (Smoky Category).

Suggestions: One drop of water does wonders for these three discovery drams.

There is more information to be found via Gordon & MacPhail.




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