Gordon Castle, Botanical Gin

Gordon Castle Plum Gin & Liqueur

Gordon Castle Plum Gin & Liqueur

Gordon Castle, in the heart of beautiful Speyside in the Highlands of Scotland, situated on manicured grounds and with magnificent eight-acre Walled Garden, this is the inspiration for the Botanical Gin.

Every sip will take you back to a Botanical garden.

I started to drink gin, not that long ago and I must say that gin can be very tasteful and lovely. So does the Gordon Castle, Botanical Gin with the fabulous Gin.  They say, size doesn’t matters and they are right. These small lovely looking bottles were very, very tasteful and I had a joyful time.

For a WOW feeling, size doesn’t matter at all.

When you have the opportunity to have a nip, close your eyes and see it before you;

picking the fresh herbs from a historic garden, the smell of your hands and the processing to make something beautiful. Lovely!!

The tasting notes of two beauties;

Distilled Gin (43%)

  • Color: Bright
  • Nose: Mint, citrus, oregano, lavender, lemon balm, basil and gooseberry
  • Taste: Lime, floral, mint, lavender and fresh
  • Finish: Fresh, warm and floral with a lovely tingeling on the tongue

Plum Gin Liqueur (24.2%)

  • Color: Orange like
  • Nose: Lovely, oranges, mint, flowers, lavender, warm, plum, sultana
  • Taste: Warm, lavender, floral, lemon, oranges and red apple.
  • Finish: Warm and sticky

Expertly infused using their award winning botanical gin, the liqueur warms from the inside out. It is strong pure, so I advise you to mix it with fresh oranges and a squeezed lemon and a lime. I assure you, it is a guaranteed success.(only 150 bottles available)

If you would like to know more about Gordon Castle and their Botanical Gin and Liqueur, just hop to their website: Gordon Castle and when you are passing by, have a visit.



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