Glenmorangie, the twitter tasting adventure

IMG_20150511_184703469May 11, my birthday. And what better way, to celebrate this day with a fabulous range of whisky.

In the year 1845, the Distillery got it’s name Glenmorangie and Glenmorangie, is Gaelic for “Valley of Peace”.

This evening, we were all enjoying a fabulous and surprising evening with a range of interesting and mysterious whiskies. Just look at the colors in the picture. This evening was spectacular and very absolutely thrilling.

This evening Dr Bill Lumsden, Head of Distilling & Whisky Creation at The Glenmorangie Company will be joining us. Very exiting.

1. Glenmorangie, the Original (40%).

This is the original expression of their Glenmorangie Range, a 10 yr old expression, aged in oak barrels from the United States Knowing for it’s softness and mellowish character. They only use their casks twice for the Original to ensure that they get the maximum flavour.

  • Color: Lovely sunny
  • Nose: Vanilla, peached, hints of spiciness, citrus, honey, pineapple with smashed green apples, very refreshing, floral and sweet. Very nice.
  • Taste: Sweet, vanilla with a drop of honey. Warm apple covered with leafs. Complexity of flowery fruitiness
  • Finish: Lovely, medium sticky at the beginning and smooth after a few seconds.

The Original has:

‘a pleasant tingling on the tongue’

2. Glenmorangie Dornoch (43%)

This limited edition, launched in november 2014, is the first travel retail exclusive. A percentage of every bottle sold, goes to the Marine Conservation Society to help preserve the beauty of the Darnoch Firth, near the home of Glenmorangie Distillery.

  • Color: Pineapple golden
  • Nose: Nuts, fresh red apples for the sweetness, complexity of spices and a mixture of toffee, honey, cherries and vanilla. coffee, with fresh beans in the morning.
  • Taste: Sweet, fresh, honey, toffee, banana tea, lemon. Complexity of cherries crushed on fresh wood surrounded with spring flowers.
  • Finish: Lovely warm

The Dornoch:

‘A whisky you keep chewing’

3. Glenmorangie Duthac (43%)

A whisky fit for a King they say. This expression honours the annual pilgrimage made by King James IV to the shrine of St Duthac in Tain, and is part of Glenmorangie Legends. Let’s find out if the Duthac, is a whisky that is fit for a Whisky Girl.

  • Color: Mysterieus golden
  • Nose: Citrus, mandarin, lemon, sugar wafels, pear with a layer of banana peel, worn leather, plums and dark chocolate
  • Taste: Dark chocolat, pepperish, pear with banana and a complexity of citrus
  • Finish: Lovely warm and spicy on the tip of the tongue

The Duthac:

‘ A fabulous and surprising whisky’

4. Glenmorangie Signet (46%)

This would be a fusion of unique and rare elements and clouded in secrecy. I wonder, reading this I couldn’t wait to try this one. 10 yr, matured in bourbon and new oak barrels supplemented with older whiskies.

  • Color: The darkest one of the range
  • Nose: Caramel, coffee, toffee, ripe mango with drops of lemon, pudding sprinkled with white chocolate with walnuts and pecan nuts
  • Taste: Caramel, creamy, tropical a complexity of sweet chewing gum, chocolate mint and mocha
  • Finish: Fantastic, warm and lovely

The Signet:

”is a perfect whisky to pair with 99% pure chocolate!’

This was a fabulous evening, very interesting as well. My favorite of this evening, and even with a drop of water is the Glenmorangie Signet! I had one drop of water with every one of them. The aroma is fantastic, even with a drop! So that’s a positive suggestion.

Read everything on twitter about this evening using #GlenmorangieLive 

Thank you Steve from The Whisky Wire and Glenmorangie for making this possible and inviting me for this interesting tasting.



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