Glenfarclas 2003 Nickolls & Perks Cask 1448

Special Release of Glenfarclas Cask 1448, specially produced to celebrate Nickolls & Perks 215th Trading Anniversary …

I was surprised to receive a lovely sample of this special release from Glenfarclas. Did you know, that Glenfarclas means “valley of the green grass”? Just found out after some research. What’s also very interesting, is that they were one of the first distilleries who opened a visitor centre in the year 1973 …

Let’s nose and taste some interesting whisky….

  • Glenfarclas – 2003 – Nickolls & Perks Color: Dark gold
  • Nose: Notes of sherry, lovely spices, Reminded me of an old fashion Candy store with the toffee hints, and traces of antique wax
  • Taste: lovely, sherry, soft, a bit oily on the tongue, a touche of toffee and spiciness. The feeling of the candy store pops up again
  • Finish: A lovely medium and warm finish


This is one fantastic and surprising whisky.  I feel very lucky that I’ve got a chance to try this whisky. Thank you!



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