Whoah Glen Scotia

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.23.53 PMGlen Scotia, one of just three distilleries in Campbeltown, Scotland and was built in the year 1832. 1 of the 5 recognized regions of Scotch whisky production in Scotland

This evening we’ve enjoyed a fabulous range of whisky. And it was worth waiting!  I was in for a real treat! Like everyone else I was very curious.

Let’s whoop right to the tastingnotes:

Double Cask (46%)

  • Color:Lovely amber
  • Nose: Sea breeze, caramel, vanilla ice, toffee and sweetness on the side, strawberry jam on toast, raisins, squeezed lemon and a spoon that has been in tea much to long! ( In a good way)
  • Taste: Honey, vanilla, smooth, lemon, chocolate, raisins, spicy, mandarin, citrus,
  • Finish: Smooth mouthfeel , medium and warm

15 yr (46%)

  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Fresh, vanilla, salty, windy, apricot, starfruit, very tropical with banana’s, red fruit mixed in a smoothy with lemon grass and mint
  • Taste: Spicy, woody, saltiness, red fruit, sticky, smooth, oily and stickiness, raisins, citrus, fresh ice tea, apricot
  • Finish: Lovely smooth

Victoriana (51,5%)

  • Color: Old amber
  • Nose: Cherries, honey, cold coffee with honey, complexity of fruit, woody, hints of different spices. Spicy, not as fresh as I hoped for! But nice, when you add a drop of water. Fresh scents emerge then, smooth and citrus
  • Taste: Smooth, coffee, cinnamon, lemon, citrus, gum, green apple and peppers
  • Finish: Lovely surprising warm

Single Cask Distillery Edition (53,2%) 

  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Smoky, woody, salty and a lot of spice. But the more you smell, the sweeter it gets.
  • Taste: Fresh, sweetness, fireballs like the old days, caramel, oily,  cream cheese on fresh toast, complexity of raisins, caramel and kitchen spices
  • Finish: Lovely warm

I really enjoyed this evening and will enjoy it everyday 🙂

PS: A drop of water is recommendable, for deeper enjoyment!



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