Glen Garioch … inside

A while ago I received a gift from the Glen Garioch Drambassador Club. In this gift I found 3 bottles of whisky. Whisky from Scotland ( Highland) to share and experience with my friends.

“Glen Garioch Founders Reserve, the 12 yr Old and the Limited Release the 15 yr Old Renaissance”

We started with the Glen Garioch Founders Reserve, a 48% dram.

  • Color :Sweet amber
  • Nose : Apples mixed with strong vanilla, white marshmallow melted in hot chocolate milk, and a hint of peppers.
  • Taste : Lovely apples with tropical accents. A complexity of butterscotch and pepper with soft tones
  • Finish : Medium and tingling

The 12 yr Old (48%)  was the second Glen Garioch on the list … saving the Limited Release for last.

  • Color: Golden
  • Nose: Warm and floral aromas, stewed pears and sweet malted barley, well balanced.
  • Taste: Creme brûlée and sweet ripe straight bananas followed by soft oak and fruity pear.
  • Finish: Medium warm and sweet

And now the last one. We were excited about this one, who wouldn’t be, when they have a chance to taste a Limited Release (51.9%) of the Glen Garioch range, the 15 yr Old Renaissance.

  • Color: Golden Honey
  • Nose: Complexity with creamy dark toffee, butterscotch, ginger, citrus and hints of apricot and mandarins.
  • Taste: Apricot, oranges, full and rich.  Butterscotch combined with cinnamon and red apples and in the back some tropical influences.
  • Finish: Medium warm and a warm shade.

IMG_20141028_101724599We received also a map with stickers.  It was rather difficult, once on the map it doesn’t come off again ..

3 fantastic whiskies. 3 stickers to divide over the poster. Or you agree or you disagree. It was like I said difficult to choose the right place for 3 beauties.

You can see the result as a first, second and third place. The Renaissance as the number one followed by the Founders Reserve and on the third place, still the lovely 12 yr old Glen Garioch.

If you like to know more about their range, hop to their website: for more surprises. And for more Drambassadors, follow them on twitter.

This made me thinking …In the future: more sharing with friends and family




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