Frysk Hynder

This very next whisky, is one, that’s close to home.  I’ve got to drive a few km to get to the place where this particular whisky is made. I could go there by horse, if I had one.

Welcome in Friesland,  a province in the Netherlands, known for its Beerenburg, Fryske dúmkes, Fierljeppen and Whisky.

The sun is shining, and I’m writing this next piece of art in my very own backyard.  I can hear the birds making music, and the cats from the neighbors are keeping me company, from a distance.

The whisky that I’ve tasted is Frysk Hynder. I think the most of you heard about this one before. On a festival or some other source. Maybe you even tried to drink some. They have a beautiful glass, with a black horse on it.

The brewery “us heit” ( means our dad ) has made a decision in 2002. They decided  to make whisky. They already made beer, so why not, take this next step.

  • Name: Frysk Hynder
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price: € 50,00
If you followed me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you already know the following. After a double distillation process, this single malt ages in different barrels. such as wine, brandy and sherry casks…. this brings, that each bottling has its unique flavor …..


  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Fruity with a hint of vanilla and spicy
  • Taste: Fresh aromas of wine and raisins
  • Finish: Long and fruity food

This whisky is young. After 3 years they bring out a single Malt Whisky. I don’t dislike this whisky, but I think that the price is to hight. But considering, that in my green eyes, Frisian Whisky is kind of special …. I would buy a bottle,  just for the have. That nice horse on top…  it’s a keeper.


I give this whisky an 7 out of 10.



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7 thoughts on “Frysk Hynder

  1. I think that’s the highest their whisky has ever been rated 😉 Tried it once a few years ago. Would try it again unless someone convinced me they have improved significantly!

    • As someone who rieceved his degree in Whiskey tasting from the Jameson distillery, I approve of this.So when is it Whisky versus Whiskey? I thought it was with an E if from Ireland, but no E if from Scotland? I can’t remember I was pretty drunk at graduation.

  2. I agree with Sjoerd unfortunately, some weeks ago someone gave it to me, and I tasted it blindly, (trusting his good judgement) and he really laughed because of my face… my thought at that very moment: WTF is this… and it wasn’t positive… bad prank

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