From sneaky sipping

From sneaky sipping, not very good at a young age, moving on to legal sipping and enjoying it fully ….

Whisky is something that came slowly into my life, it was most welcome. Looking back, there was always this kind of fascination about the bottles and the packaging, just appealing.

I remember, my parents had a row of miniature beverage bottles in their bedroom. Beverage like Old Bourbon, Single Malt and some unknown and vague bottles. One day bowling pins with a content of beverage ( 12,5 and 15 yr old) got a spot on their large old cabinet. My younger brother and I had a small discussion about having a peek and maybe a small taste of the “booze”

After one sip, my brother was on a lookout. This little sip made me curious, but I didn’t like it. The taste stayed on my tongue for a long time. In my mind, it couldn’t have a great taste, after 15 yrs.

Many years later …  in the middle of Route 66, I was introduced to Makers Mark. Something had changed. The palate was different from all those years ago. Other connections were made in my mouth and brain. It was good. No Single Malt, but a Bourbon, and I knew the taste from the past. Then I disliked it, but love it now.

It made me wonder. Could this change had anything related to the way you get to be introduced to whisky. I think so.  The adventure on Route 66 was a precious but beautiful and graceful adventure.

In my hometown Drachten I had whisky before, It was in a blues cafe. And not much later in Marktzicht under the verbal guidance of Ronald the manager, I drank a good Malt. The adventure of smell, taste and aftertaste and even the colour is one that you can experience anywhere.

Teunis SpitsThe best for me is to hang out with my friends Piet and Tim. Sitting around the table, talking about the smell, the taste, how great the colour is under the stories about nothing, laughter, fun and cosiness. All with a good glass of Malt, prefer a beautiful young peated malt.  Enjoying a nice full taste, the smoke, the summer and ….. I’m noticing some wandering with my thoughts. I fly away in a cloud of good memories and my passion for beautiful bottles passion which is standing in my cabinet.

Looking at my small cabinet with liquid gold, I realize, I’m a rich guy, with a hobby like this.

Life is a beautiful celebration, but you must give it yourself.  Give yourself a glass, and a nice bottle, fall in love, with a good record on the background (for example CW Stoneking) and take a small Malt vacation on your sofa.

Sláinte people!

Written by Teunis Spits ( Future Relics ), January 2014



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