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A few weeks ago I’ve been asked if I would like to join a French Whisky Tasting. I said yes. It’s just something you can’t say no to. It’s Thursday, October 10, Today http://www.lacavedecobalt.com  is celebrating his 3 year anniversary and shares 5 french single malts with a couple of people. Time to make our selves ready for the Twitter Tasting. 20 tasters from all over are ready! We were looking forward to this evening. I’ve been told that number 5 was something special … A range of whisky which 2 from the same distillery. Let’s do some nosing and use the twittercode: #FrenchWhiskyTT.

P1210259Sample No.1

  • Color: Medium Gold
  • Nose: Peppery, fruity, red wine, sweetness, dry grass, sultana’s, hints of sea salt, buttery, sawdust, oily, buttery, and traces of sand from the beach.
  • Taste: Smooth, a lot is happening … but soft! Buttery oily, it slides right in, but gently. dry tropical fruit.
  • Finish: Nice, medium warm.

The G.Rozelieures Rare Collection 40% un-chilfiltered from La Maison de la Mirabelle. A Lovely tingling and a bit complex. A lovely 40 % whisky. Matured in Sherry, Cognac & Sauternes Casks Limited edition. P1210260

Sample No.2

  • Color: Medium Gold
  • Nose: lavender, moors flowers, fresh pencil shavings, cereal, green apples, hints of vanilla, red grapes, fresh corn cakes, minced meat seasoning, peppery.
  • Taste: Goosebumps, red apple, oily, traces of vanilla and honey, dry grass, tropical sweetness, pineapple, papaya.
  • Finish: Nice medium warm and a spicy road.

The Armorik Double Maturation, 46% un-chilfiltered from Distillerie Warenghem. A warm and spicy whisky. Different from the 1st, but also lovely and surprising. P1210261

Sample No.3

  • Color: Medium Gold
  • Nose: Nice smooth, vanilla, butter, citrus, peppery, grassy, dried flowers,banana, coconut, green apples with cinnamon, red fruit, soft pears and hints of fresh shampoo.
  • Taste: Spicy, warm, oily, woods, grass, hot chocolate with a cookie, almond, wood, cheese and mint.
  • Finish: Warm, spicy, smooth oily and a complex lovely burn.

Armorik Whisky Millésime 2002 (2013 edition) single cask, Cask Strength 56,3% A whisky with vanilla, red fruit. The taste is different from the nose. I prefer the taste and the feeling on the tongue. P1210263

Sample No.4

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Traces of fresh dark prunes, sultana’s, caramel with salted and soft butter, hints of vanilla, sliced lemon, peppers, salty.
  • Taste: Very sweet on the tongue, smooth in the mouth. A complexity of spices, dark pepper, nutmeg, hints of vanilla, honey, cinnamon.
  • Finish: Warm, spicy and long.

Secale – Single organic malted rye 56% from Domaine des Hautes Glaces. Matured 18 months in Condrieu (white wine from Vallée du Rhône) casks. Reduced to 56% before filling, then Cask Strength 511 bottles. http://hautesglaces.com/source-whisky-boutique.html and at La Maison du Whisky www.whisky.fr. This one blew my mouth away. It so different from the first 3. Fantastic. Every one should have a bottle of this beauty with 56%!

P1210264Sample No.5

  • Color: Dark gold
  • Nose: White Pepper, fresh, mint, smashed red fruit, shaved wood, citrus, burned sugar, sultana’s wood, old tobacco, hints of fresh cut grass and leafs in de summer after the rain.
  • Taste: Hints of sweet caramel, sugar, cakemix, round grain cookies, tea leafs, vanilla, hints of mint, honey, slices of lemon, exotic fruit, very complex with traces of kitchen spices.
  • Finish:Medium sweet finish with a hint of mint

Uberach W.L.P 10th edition 2013,  46,7% from Distillerie Bertrand
This spicy one is distilled in 2003, matured in Banyuls casks. Since 2009 every year a single cask is bottled but 20 litres are kept in a “Dame Jeanne” big bottle. This W.L.P. is the blending of what was left of casks 101, 102, 103 & 104 respectively bottled in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012. Only 146 50cl bottles are released. 

I liked sample number 4. For me sample number 4 is the Brigitte Bardot under the whiskies of this fantastic  #FrenchWhiskyTT.

Thank you Franck Debernardi for the lovely evening. It was inspiring and a lot of fun!



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