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Again, another direction when it comes to spirits, making a curve to rumFour special rums send to join an on-line tasting with a couple of others. I was looking forward to this tasting, but unfortunately, I had the date all wrong, so I tried the rum a couple of days later by myself. Rum from the Foursquare Distillery tucked away in the southern countryside of Barbados

Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and the rum is really stunning, just like the labels on the big bottles.

Foursquare rum,  I was impressed by the colors, nose, taste and finish. Not just because of the remarkable labels or the shape of the bottles or even the other reviews I’ve been reading. No, it was the rum itself. All four, but one dominated the selection if you asked me.

The tastingnotes:

Doorly’s 12 yr old (40%)

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Nose: Sweet, sherries, red fruit, strawberries, ripe banana, tropical fruit and warm sticky toffee apples, brown sugar, spicy pepper and an oaky touch
  • Taste: Tropical hints with cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon, vanilla, warm apple pie, strawberries, a complexity of ripe banana and a bag of dried fruits
  • Finish: Sweet, lingering and warm

Foursquare Dominus (56%)

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Nose: Rich, soft, mixed sweet peppers, caramel, red apples, pears, plums, raisins, a few drops of honey, vanilla ice cream with warm buttery cake, citrus, grapefruit and a hint of pineapple
  • Taste: Sweet, vanilla, warm toffee with a cool down of vanilla ice cream, spicy, nutmeg, sweet mandarin and a complexity of tropical influences with a topping of grapefruit
  • Finish: Spicy and tingling on the cheeks

Foursquare 2005 (59%)

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Nose: Vanilla,  dried fruits, cocoa beans, orange blossom, cinnamon, coffee beans, sour orange, ginger and a small hint of fresh mint
  • Taste: Spicy, warm coffee, fresh, sweet, ginger, mandarin, orange peels combined with vanilla, sweet honey, squeezed drops of lemon and freshly shaved cinnamon
  • Finish: Warm and sweet

R.L. Seale’s 10 yr ( 46%)

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Nose: Vanilla, apple syrup, honey, ripe banana, nectarines, plums, star anise, cloves, cardamom and a fresh orange bite with black pepper with a breeze of a sweet flowerbed
  • Taste: Peach, oranges, plums, sultana’s, rosemary, pepperish, complexity of lemon, lime, fresh herbs and
  • Finish: Dry but spicy

The one I loved the most was Foursquare Dominus. The name Dominus comes from Latin and means master. And you can call this rum, the master of this foursome. The ruler of the evening. The other rums were also very pleasant to try and I would buy a bottle for sure.

Find out more via Foursquarett through Twitter and when you’re curious about Foursquare Distillery, it’s just one click away! And if you would like to meet the host of this online tasting, pay him a visit here.



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