Fingerlicking Chocolate & Tongue stroking Whisky

P1210608I received a lovely package with a fingerlicking and tongue stroking content from Bowmore and British chocolatier Montezuma’s.

Bowmore and Montezuma’s have joined together for a special collaboration. The challenge: To discover the answer to an age-old question “if Bowmore was a chocolate bar, what would it taste like?”.

The package came at the right address. I love whisky and I’ve got a weakness for chocolate. But what was in the package?  Two 50ml samples of Bowmore’s Small Batch and Darkest, two bars with 50g chocolate (60% pure chocolate), similar to the whisky and a giant golden Easter Egg with chocolate buttons inside.

The first chocolate bar and matching whisky is the “Small Batch”. The whisky is matured in 1st and 2nd fill ex-bourbon casks.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 11.58.39 AMSmall BatchSmall Batch

Like whisky, I let my nose “fly” over the chocolate bar. Lovely smell and ready to have a bite. The surprise was inside the bar. A creamy filling is a lovely change in taste, fabulous combination. One bite of chocolate and a small sip of the whisky it’s a roller coaster in the mouth.  Sweet, smokey and a hint of bitterness in a good way. You can taste the whisky next to the salty complexity.

Small Batch Tasting Notes

  • Color: Warm gold
  • Nose: Vanilla, smoky, woody, honey, cinnamon, sultana’s, exotic fruit, hints of salt and coconut
  • Taste: Deep smoke, honey, complexitiy of spices, cinnamon, chocolate sprinkled with salt and sugar.
  • Finish: Lovely medium finish.

The second ride in the Whisky Theme Park, is Bowmore Darkest, matured in an inspired combination of both bourbon and sherry casks.  I have nosed and tasted this lovely one before.  Those tasting notes are just one click away or just read further.


The dark chocolate “marriage” with the darkest whisky is just (like the Small Batch) fabulous. The inner heart was less creamy, but the whisky was present. Also smokey, sweet and sticky.  You can feel and taste the whisky, even more when you close your eyes. One bite of chocolate and one sip of whisky and you will be entertained from the inside.

Bowmore 15 yr Darkest Tasting Notes

  • Color: Fine gold
  • Nose: Very lovely aromas of peat, apple, sweet coffee, toffee, caramel and smoke with wood in the background
  • Taste: a creamy texture, a soft and full smoke flavor, malt, grapes, sweet sherry, oak, vanilla and a hint of chocolate
  • Finish: Short to medium long with hint with roasted coffee


Simon Pattinson, founder of Montezuma’s said; “We took the challenge of bringing the taste of Islay to life in chocolate very seriously”. They did!

Rachel Barry, Master Blender of Morrison Bowmore Distillers said; “Montezuma’s is the perfect partner for us as they share the same values as our single malt  – hand crafted, traditional and using the finest Ingredients”.  She was right!

I think they have a dark sweet treasure in both of their hands. I’ve got a weakness for pure dark chocolate and I’m hoping that Bowmore and Montezuma’s will make even more variations of chocolate / whisky bars and that one of them will be a chocolate / whisky bar with a very high cocoa percentage and nuts.

I say yes! This is something I would like to see to become a permanent product!

Curious? Go to and you will receive (During April) with every 70cl bottle of Bowmore Darkest 15yr a 50g of Bowmore Darkest chocolate for free.

Don’t worry, it’s free from Gluten, GM, Coloring and preservatives.




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