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English Whisky, set in the grounds of St George’s Distillery is England’s oldest registered whisky distillery.

Norfolk is one of the world’s premier growing barley regions, so the distillery is ideally located to be able to source their barley locally.

On the night of November 18 2019, 7pm #Englishwhisky was a trending topic on Twitter. You might have seen it. It couldn’t be missed for we had so much to share. An online tasting with 5 samples to nose and taste, only marked with mysterious numbers from 1 to 5.

English Whisky Original, Single Malt – 43%

  • Color: Light
  • Nose: sweet peach, pears, brown sugar, burned hazelnuts, marzipan and also some dirt wet after some heavy rainfall, caramel (stroopwafels). lime and a hint of dark chocolate filled with vanilla cream.
  • Taste: Lime, lemon, warm stewed apples with caramel, bubblegum, sweet, warm, pears, vanilla, sultana’s, brown sugar, candied fruits and minced pies?
  • Finish: Sweet, warm and lingering

Matured in a combination of 1st and 2nd fill bourbon casks.

English Whisky Double Cask, Single Malt 10 yr  – 46%

  • Color: Light
  • Nose: Rice pudding, beeswax, icing sugar, coconut juice, squeezed apples, dried tea, a hint of tobacco ash, honey, vanilla, tangerines and a complexity of prunes
  • Taste: Warm, caramel, citrus, pineapple (a bit), red pepper (Pili Pili), baked toast, cinnamon, ginger tea, custard pudding with sultana’s, honey and a squeeze of citrus fruit with a hint of strawberry juice and wood
  • Finish: Sweet warm with a bitter edge

Matured in a combination of 1st fill bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks.

English Whisky The Norfolk Parched, Single Grain –  45%

  • Color: Pale gold
  • Nose: Lot of flowers, lavender, tobacco, utmeg, biscuits, honey, leather, medicine smell, hay, very complex with a hint of burned candles, Getting some peat too, salty rocks, dirt, the sea, dried grass and a bit f pencil shavings
  • Taste: Meaty, spirit, mint, gum, cinnamon powder, honey, dark chocolate with an excellent mint filling that melts in your mouth and changes in caramel with mint sprinkles
  • Finish: Very minty fresh

Matured in 1st fill bourbon casks.

English Whisky Single Cask, Single Malt 10 yr – 58%

  • Color: Lovely gold
  • Nose: Red peppers, sherry, bubblegum, loads of red fruit but a complexity of lemon, tobacco and apple pie with cream, scone, Sage, barley sugar, green apples, walnuts, marzipan and a hint of lavender
  • Taste: lovely dark chocolate, mint, very hot pepper mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon and a drop of mandarin, lemon. Hints of brown sugar, honey, cherries and mint chocolate icecream
  • Finish: Hits you, but calms down after a few seconds

Matured in 1st fill bourbon casks.

English Whisky Smokey Virgin, Single Malt – 46%

  • Color: Medium
  • Nose: sweet, bread sticks, peat, wood, cork, meringues, fresh leafs, tobacco, creamy, apricots, mixed peel, lemon, lime banana, coconuts, tropical influences,.
  • Taste: Peat, strong but very fresh at the same bite, as well the bitterness. It is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get. A LOT!
  • Finish: Very soft

Matured in virgin oak casks.

My favorite for this evening was dram number 5, the English Whisky Smokey Virgin, Single Malt. I would buy a bottle (or 2) for Christmas.

Curious about other amazing online tastings? Visit The Whisky Wire for more information and sign up. And if you wish to read more about this tasting, visit Twitter and find the tweets of other participants who joined this stunning tasting.



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