Dutch Rye Whisky

Another one from Dutch Grounds. This one is new for me… but as usual I’m very exited to try new things in my adventure. It can’t be crazy enough …

Dutch Rye, 100% Pure Pots Till Rye whisky, is made in a traditional family craft distillery of the family Van Zuidam. Over 50 years experience in distilling of exclusive spirits and always looking for perfection that ultimately resulted in the birth of this special unique Rye whisky.

Windmills grinding the malted rye that is used to produce this Rye-whisky. Through the use of windmills to grind grain Zuidam Distillers holds a piece of Dutch heritage alive. The fermentation is done at a low temperature for Rye-whisky. with a fruity taste. The mash is distilled twice in small copper stills. The small shells produces a very delicate and fruity new distillate.

  • Name: Dutch Rye Whisky
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Type: Pure Potstill
  • Price per standard amount: € 45,00

I like the taste of this whisky. Specially when you close your eyes… and imagine, you’re on a field. A field with dutch cows and windmills. Feeling the wind, and the energy that you get from the wind, that the windmill is producing  … one sip at the time. There is a heron in the water.. trying to catch a fish…

Open your eyes and see the blue sky, sunshine and a happy heron with his fish……

  • Color: Pure gold
  • Nose: Rich, fruity and soft with notes of citrus and herbs. Delicate notes of honey combined with vanilla and oak
  • Taste: Rich fruity honey sweetness and delicate spicy notes with a long peppery and vanilla oak
  • Finish: Rich, full, spicy and a little bitter
This whisky it’s not cheap, but it’s unique… and worth trying. Just get your self a sample, and sip it.

Suggestions: Just Pure, or some ice..


I give this whisky an 7.5 out of 10.




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2 thoughts on “Dutch Rye Whisky

  1. Hi Femke! This is fascinating stuff. Is it new make (i.e. is it clear like water)? I wonder what barrel aging might do for it. I know that the tradition of making rye whisky in the USA and Canada was brought by central Europeans (such as Dutch and German settlers in the New World). Is this considered a “traditional” style of rye whisky in Holland?

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