Drink Recipes to Make Your Holidays Merry

There is nothing like a great festive drink or cocktail that keeps the cheeks rosy and the adults cozy. Best of all, there is no shortage of fun holiday whisky drinks out there. In this article you will find some of Drinkable Gifts favorite holiday bourbon cocktails that will leave you feeling warm and festive this season with some holiday food pairings to get the party started.

Drinkable Gifts made an amazing info-graph with different kinds of cocktails for the holidays to come to add to your favorites. What is your favorite to bookmark?

I love experimenting with drinks, experimenting with cocktails is one of them. I will go to a cocktail-bar in Leeuwarden in 2019, it’s on my bucketlist. I can’t wait to try some new and exciting cocktails that makes me shiver. When you look at the info-graphic below, what is your favorite you tried or wish to try? Is this 3 Kings Sparkle, Harvest Spritz or Blitzen’s Hot Toddy?

Source: Drinkable Gifts



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