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Perfect Glass for Perfect Drinks: Time-honored spirit tasting with antique design glass

Perfect Glass for Perfect Drinks: Time-honored spirit tasting with antique design glass

What does it feel like to drink like an emperor, in ancient era? What kind of secret is hidden in fine whiskies? How should it be appreciated?

Taiwanese deisgn house, U-Cube design, blends ancient Chinese bronze vessel design into modern tasting science, and developed “Tripod Tasting Glass”, adding a touch of exotic aesthetics into classic whisky tasting.

Launched on Kickstarter on September 27th 10AM (EST), early bird backers are guaranteed of delivery for Christmas presents!

“Three is the magic number in Chinese culture. It symbolizes the harmony between human, the gods and the nature.” said the CEO and the designer Shane “And this is exactly how Whisky tasting should be. Elegant, graceful and divine.”

Tripod glass comes with a set of three different shaped glass each revealing distinct characteristic in the whisky. Drawing inspiration from Chinese bronze ritual vessels, which were exclusively used by emperors and nobles, the shape of the glass fuses a twist of ancient myth, and combines the design with modern tasting science, to present drinkers with diverse choices in taste, and delivers the most exquisite texture.

And these glasses are not just beautiful. The orignal and patented design of ‘Caldron Glass’ brought innovation in whisky tasting tradition. The slight out-turned lip leads the liquid to hit the tip of the tongue, where sweetness is perceived, accentuating the silky and creamy texture; the round belly inherited the curve of ancient vessel, can also effectively gather aroma as one swirls and let the spirit breathe.

Each and every Tripod glass is uniquely handmade by master glass craftsmen to ensure the utmost quality and beauty.

Drink like a boss is never enough, drink like an emperor just right for your fine whisky.

Tripod glass will meet you on Kickstarter since 9/27 10am EST.



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