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Japan, a beautiful island with stunning architecture, sun, flowers and of course truly amazing whisky. On the evening of June 18, I had the opportunity to try two lovely whiskies, Dekantā Eigashima 2011 Kikou – Ki Series, finished in Port Ellen casks and Yamazakura 21 yr old. This with other enthusiasts, online during a live tasting.

Bottled in 2017 to commemorate the Dekanta 3rd anniversary, Eigashima 2011 Kikou – Ki Series, was distilled in 2011 at the Eigashima distillery and matured for 6 years. As a homage to the Scottish education of the “father of Japanese Whisky’, Masataka Taketsuru, the whisky has matured in a freshly emptied Port Ellen Scotch whisky cask, bringing a touch of Scottish seaside influence to the Japanese whisky.

The Tasting Notes:

Yamazakura 963 21 yr old, blended malt whisky (58%)

  • Color: Warm
  • Nose: Strong, heavy, antique wax, citrus, marzipan, vanilla, salty, dark chocolate, salted caramel, small hint of pineapples, honey, pink blossom, freshly mowed grass that is still a bit wet …
  • Taste: Warm and there is a lot of red fruit playing in my mouth right now. Strawberries, black berries, raspberries. But also chopped red apples, banana, caramel, hints of saltiness and some sweet pepper, brown warm sugar, coconuts and exotic influences
  • Finish: Warm, lingering and adventurous

A drop of water is recommendable for it opens so much more.

Dekantā Eigashima 2011 Kikou – Ki Series, single cask, Japanese single malt (58,4%)

  • Color: Sunshine gold
  • Nose: lemon, citrus, Seabreeze, salty, dark chocolate, fresh coffee beans, warm red apples covered with sweet caramel, fresh berries, raspberries, papaya, orange blossom, oak, very soft with hints of spice and a touch of oil.
  • Taste: Toffee, grass, citrus, lemon, caramel, salty chocolate, oily, hints of peat, sweet honeysuckle, apples, warm, cinnamon, pistachio, sultanas, lavender and some note I can’t place yet … something dark, warm and perhaps exotic like dragonfruit or blackberries and perhaps even plum
  • Finish: a bonfire

Limited to 300 bottles. The Kikou bottling is named after the Japanese word for ‘climate’, celebrating one of the most vital parts of Japanese whisky making.

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And when you require more information about purchasing Japanese whisky, visit Dekantā.



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