Cragganmore Distillery, a whisky surprise

Cragganmore Range

In the third part of The Speyside Whisky Festival, I mentioned the wonderfull Cragganmore distillery. After a very interesting tour, we had a litte tasting of their whisky, plus two surprises from the warehouse, Drams & Scran.

The tasting was held in the luxurious surroundings of the Cragganmore Club Room. A romantic room filled with the smell of history, old furniture, good whisky and Kevin. A lovely range of whisky with good looking delights, mouthwatering. But let’s move on to the whisky and the tastingnotes. Cragganmore gained one more fan since, me.

Cragganmore 12yr – 40%

  • Color: Nice golden
  • Nose: Vanilla, leather, peaty, sweetness, pears and hints of peach
  • Taste: Vanilla, honey, lovely fruits, walnuts, almonds, sultana’s and cherries with peach
  • Finish: Lovely creamy

Cragganmore Distillery Edition 14yr – 40%

  • Color: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Dried fruit, raisins, spicy, smokey edge and hint of red fruit, strawberries, red apples
  • Taste: Toffee, honey tones, citrus, lemon, mango, banana, creamy and a complexity of spice and smoke
  • Finish: Long and smooth

Cragganmore Distillery Only – 48%

  • Color: Bright
  • Nose: Sweet, hints of spice, salty, warm butter, complexity of red apple sweetness, peach and vanilla
  • Taste: Sticky, smooth, spicy, hints of seasalt, smoky and hints of fresh straw
  • Finish: Oily and sticky

Cragganmore 25yr – 51.4%

  • Color: Lovely amber
  • Nose: Soft, sweet, outdoor strawberries, heather, banana, peach, smashed raspberries with vanilla. dried mango and honey
  • Taste: Spicy, warm, a lot of red fruit, honey, raisins, white chocolate, lemon, ripe mango and sticky
  • Finish: Nice, warm and smooth

Cragganmore 2016 Special Release  – 55%

  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Sweet, smoky, warm caramel, honey, dark chocolate, whipcream, apples and hints of pencil shavings and medicine
  • Taste: Warm caramel, honey, red fruit, kiwi, banana, mango and black berries
  • Finish: Oily and warm

Cragganmore is one of the smallest distilleries of Speyside and has a limited range. The following two are not available. We had the honor to try them, straight from the barrel. When you visit this very romantic distillery, I do hope you get the chance to try these beauties, it is worth every nip.

Cragganmore Bourbon Cask 1999 – 63% (not available) 

  • Color: Sweet golden
  • Nose: Nice, sweet, smokey, a lot of red fruit, blue berries, strawberries, elderberries and fresh vanilla
  • Taste: Cinnamon, pepper, red fruit, chocolate, salty, spicy, strong and gummy
  • Finish: Long, warm and sticky

Cragganmore Sherry Cask 1986 – 63% (not available) 

  • Color: Dark amber
  • Nose: Red fruit, grassy, tropical, wax, pine, flowers, sweet and a spicy complexity with licorice powder
  • Taste: Licorice, very spicy, hints of smashed red fruit mixed with sugar, kitchen spices and flowers
  • Finish: Spicy edge

The Cragganmore 25yr is my favorite. This robust whisky just grabbed me by the balls (figure of speaking, for I don’t have balls) for never letting it go. And adding some water, mouthwatering.



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